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Thread: Addictive TV Series?

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    24 all day long (geddit)

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    Brass Eye (I keep returning to it)
    The Day Today (ditto)
    Peep Show (if you havn't seen it, why the fuck not?)
    Big Bang Theory (crap, but I love Kaley Cuoco)
    Desperate Housewives (yes, that's right. I'm Hetero)
    Tudors (lots of boobies)
    Jersey Shore (Its T-Shirt time!!!!)
    Family Guy
    American Dad
    Cleveland Show
    Boardwalk Empire
    True Blood (titties)
    The Sopranos- I didn't watch it at all the first time round, but they're repeating the whole thing on Sky Atlantic

    I didn't like Dexter, Fast Forward and Lost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razorstorm View Post
    so gutted when they cancelled firefly
    I keep hoping that Serenity 2 might happen, think that is the closest to another series we'll get .... even thats very unlikely.

    Fillion keeps mentioning it though, seen the Castle episode where he is dressed as a "Space Cowboy"? haha, very funny stuff and cool to see Firefly get mentioned.

    Damn Family Guy mentioned it getting cancelled lmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Evans View Post
    Is Dexter good then? I liked the idea of it.
    Yes mate, season 3 is a bit weak but the rest are wicked.

    Also recommend:

    The Wire
    The Shield
    Breaking Bad
    Boardwalk Empire
    The Corner

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    Phone Shop
    School of Comedy
    The Inbetweeners
    Flash Forward
    The Event
    The Unit
    The Sopranos
    Boardwalk Empire
    Strike Back (Chris Ryan thing about special forces)
    Phil Kay Feels...
    The Fast Show
    Red Dwarf
    Top Gear
    Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle
    The Office

    And some old school shows from when a was a kid...
    Byker Grove
    Round The Twist
    Alfonso Bonzo
    Simon and the Witch
    The Girl From Tomorrow
    The Funhouse (still good, blonde twins, what what)
    Cities of Gold

    I should shut up now and get on with some work
    Tea Drinker for Life, but preaching tolerance for the Children of Coffee.

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    As Bluerabbit said: Brass Eye, Day Today and jersey Shore...quality. Not forgetting Ultimate Fighter.

    Also, Alan Partridges new online segments "Mid Morning Matters".

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    Nothing is more addictive then 24
    Team Rough House - UKs no1 fight team

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    I can't believe nobody has mentioned Entourage yet

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    I said the News Today, but I meant The Day Today... excellent program. Same with Brass Eye.

    Dennis Pennis & Strutter are both enjoyable watches too
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    I somehow missed Breaking Bad on my list. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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