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Thread: Addictive TV Series?

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    American Dad
    Desperate Housewives
    Two and a Half Men
    How I Met Your Mother
    Red Dwarf
    Green Wing

    Has anybody been watching Bob's Burgers? It's a new animated show that's just started on Fox and it's really funny, definately worth checking out
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    The Life and Times of Tim

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    I missed Red Dwarf wtf 0.o

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    Sons of Anarchy
    Mad Men
    Underbelly (suprisingly good Aussie gangster series)
    Peep Show

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    Nice to see Flash Forward has been mentioned. I swear I was the only person who watched it? It was so good! Had me on edge every episode. Can't believe they ended it cos not enough viewers

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    It may also be due to the fact that it was pretty awful. I still watched it all though. Fiennes needs kicking in the nuts repeatedly for that performance and O'Byrne's accent was embarrassing.

    Truly exceptional TV -

    The Wire (Takes a few episodes to get into and the last season is a bit of a let down. That being said, no other show has had such amazing characters.)
    The Shield (The only TV show that I can think of that got better every single season. It had some of the greatest scenes in TV history)
    Deadwood (One of the best casts and with some of the best dialogue, watch it cocksucker!)

    Really Good TV -

    Dexter (Truly brilliant dialogue and some brilliant performances. Would have been exceptional but Season 2 was rather annoying, mainly because of Jamie Murray made me want to throw my child at the TV every time she was on screen. Someone said that Season 3 was poor, which cannot be true because Jimmy Smits was in it)
    The West Wing (Some great characters and far more interesting than it should have been. Sorkin is a god but can be a bit smug at times)
    The Sopranos (Some of greatest pieces of TV but there were the odd episode that was pretty fucking dull.)
    24 (Would have been in the top list if they stopped at season 5...dammit!)
    Rome (Could have been a bit longer but it was pretty amazing)
    Blackadder (Ridiculously funny, except for season 1 which whilst good was a bit dull at times)
    Peep Show (Amazing script, except for their inability to write female characters who aren't as annoying as fuck!)
    The Inbetweeners (Really childish and I would like to think that I am too high brow for such things...but it turns out I am not)

    Good TV -

    Oz (Completely unflinching and was the beginning of many HBO masterpieces. It unfortunately lost its way it the last couple of seasons but it will sear certain scenes into your brain...unfortunately)
    Battlestar Galactica (Brilliant at first but got gradually worse, still Grace Park is HOT)
    Generation Kill (Just fucking cool)
    Rescue Me (Flashes of genius but Tommy Gavin can be just too much of a cunt at times)
    Homicide: Life on the Street (Could drag at times but the characters had real depth and Clark Johnson is cool as fuck)
    Spaced (Hit and miss but had some utterly brilliant scenes. It should also be watched by anyone who wants to know how to paintball properly)
    Friday Night Lights (Had some nice character development but could be a bit too 'teen drama' at times. Kyle Chandler is a legend)

    We shall see
    True Blood (Fun but can also be annoying. Season 2 was a bit meh but they picked it up again in season 3. We'll have to see about season 4.)
    Sons of Anarchy (Some great episodes but Season 3 was a little weak)
    Justified (Can be a little bit samey but Raylan Givens is uber cool and is pretty handy with a gun)
    Entourage (Had some good seasons and some bad seasons. Only a few seasons left to see where it ends up)
    Hawaii Five-0 (The remake is fun but I imagine it will start to get a bit dull soon, still Grace Park is HOT)

    We needed longer

    Firefly (Everyone who watches it likes it, they just needed to get people to watch it)
    Arrested Development (I don't love it as much as some but it could be hilarious at times. It also stopped David Cross sullying himself with unimaginable shit)
    The Black Donnelly's (Really interesting crime drama which only got 1 season. Had a lot of promise even though Paul 'FUCK SUBTLETY' Haggis at the helm)
    Terriers (Really fun show which could have become something special but Fox are cunts who lack patience)
    Studio 60 (Another one of Aaron Sorkin's gems but only survived a season. You think they'd have given Sorkin a chance after The West Wing.)

    I have probably forgotten loads but these are all worth a watch in my humble opinion.

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    I took the misery out of searching the videos out etc. Here's the first season of The Thick Of It ready for your viewing pleasure

    (well... i did it for me, as i've not seen it in ages, but... you're welcome to it too lol)
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    WOW, hold on a minute ..... I can agree on Firefly.

    But Flash Forward was awesome and I thought Fiennes was cool ha ha

    Man I got into the stories in FF, was nervous for last ep ha ha

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    Quite eesh bit but the Firefly ep with the funeral was the last recorded ep ( they got told it was ending before the ep ) I think I read, if you watch it back you can tell.

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    How could I forget my eternal favorites...

    Stargate SG-1
    Stargate Atlantis

    Best scifi shows of all time for me.

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