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Thread: How does BJJ influence your life and vice versa

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    Nice one Gez

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    MMA and the Butlin brothers changed my life. For that I will be eternally grateful for.

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    BJJ is pretty much responsible for me quitting smoking. I was pretty unfit to begin with anyway, but smoking was making it much worse. I came the conclusion that there was no point trying to even compete with other people if I was putting myself at a disadvantage before we even got on the mats!

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    While I do agree that Gez' story is beyond awesome, I must give a big shout out to EVERYONE here who's used BJJ as a vehicle for change to the better. I got the Fightworks Podcast to do a poll on the relation between Smoking and BJJ a while back and the results were once again wonderful and great!

    Often we get so bogged down with the details of positions, submissions and transitions that we forget how great it feel to do BJJ and how the honest and hard work of sport can change lives or in some cases save them from heart attacks and what not!!

    You get all these wonderful benefits and much more from the first day...EVEN while you're tapping out to everyone and basically sucking at BJJ it's already working wonders for your well being.
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    i use little things like when i play rugby i use what im trained in the gym helped me with my base for tackles and help manipulate players on the ground in rucks, and when they get cocky and try and land a punch on you i shoot for a double leg and pull mount lol or side control most of the time
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