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Thread: Best crisps?

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    Default Best crisps?

    I know what you're thinking, "Beef Space Raiders, Matt, all day!" and I would agree that, yes, they do represent the gold standard of crisps/corn snacks in days gone by but - aside from a select few corner shops - no c**t stocks them these days.

    Who is the modern day champ? Cheese & Onion Discos? Frazzles? Walkers Baked? Doritos? (for the slightly metrosexual)

    You decide.
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    Chilli Heatwave Doritos

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    Hmm tough question.

    Back in the day it would've been salt n vinegar Discos but they've got blander over the years. Paprika 3d Doritos were heavy too.

    Nowadays it'd have to be a toss up between original Kettle Chips or salt n vinegar Squares imo.

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    Just to muddy the waters, what are your favourite crisp combinations? When we were kids, me and my bro would have crisps of different flavours, and swap a few so we could get some glorious flavour combinations on the go. Onion rings sandwiched between two Walkers cheese & onion, prawn cocktail Walkers with a couple of Frazzles trapped in the middle, the possibilities are endless!
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    Hot n spicy monster munch OR Scampi fries. Both fucking dons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atlasmma View Post
    Hot n spicy monster munch

    10 chars

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    I'll have to go with Jay on the Chilli Heatwave Doritos although a close second would have to be the Doritos Collisions which have Texas BBQ and Zesty Salsa in the same bag, if you haven't experienced them I suggest you get on it!

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    "Heíll never sell any ice cream going at that speed"

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    Dya know what, there are some excellent suggestions here. I wish crisps contained all the essential food groups, in all the right amounts

    PS. I would gladly step over any of your dead bodies for a pack of Tangy Toms and a can of Tab Clear right now.
    Tea Drinker for Life, but preaching tolerance for the Children of Coffee.

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    Red Mill Prawn Cocktail Maize Snacks (loved 'em as a kid)
    Tesco Salt & Vinegar
    Doritos Cool

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