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Thread: Marcelo Giudici full time coach at Sapphire MMA Liverpool

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    Default Marcelo Giudici full time coach at Sapphire MMA Liverpool

    Marcelo Giudici is now a full time coach at Sapphiremma taking Rob Broughtons MMA class while he is recuperating after surgery. Marcelo will also be taking No-Gi and Gi jiu jitsu class's.

    Marcelo will be available for privates and seminars.

    Marcelo has been involved with martial arts for over 30 years he is a 3rd Degree Gracie Barra black belt, a Judo black belt and has had 16 fights in Vale tudo and MMA.

    Marcelo's bio:-

    3 times Brazilian Judo champion
    5 times Sao paolo state jiu jitsu champion
    1999 VT goiania champion
    World mecca Vale tudo champion
    Max Fight 4 2007 champion
    To name a few

    And all round nice guy!

    Check out

    for the new time table in the next couple of days.

    Come on guys get down and train with a world class coach

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    Trained with Marcelo on wednesday and we've had nothing but great compliments about him. Great coach, lightning fast and strong as hell. Speaking to him today he's well up for fighting in the UK so any promoters out there wishing to have him on there shows contact us. Any blues out there that don't mind being tapped by a crazy brazilian wearing a liverpool top get in touch....

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    Wow - you guys are lucky. I've got video of Marcelo Giudici fighting old school Vale Tudo - awesome stuff!

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    His classes are great and he's got me hooked on GI jiu jitsu gunna study and grade under him. One of the nicest people ive met and everyone who's trained with him have been really impressed. Can't believe how much i'm learning in such a short time, he's only here for 3 months so make the most of him guys

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    I ve been doing privates with Marcelo Giudici and i ve got nothing but good things to say about him. Word of warning though people, don t mess the technique up because he takes his belt off and whips you hard ha ha. No in all seriousness he s a stickler for drilling the one move to perfection, which is how it should be. Get along and take advantage of the 3 months he s here as Si says.

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