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    Basically i checked a low kick while wearing shin guards and i got a shooting pain down the side of my leg not on the bone but the muscle beside it, i also get a shooting pain below my calf when i point my toes forward.

    I've tried ice/heat but still the same it's just not as sore when i walk.

    Any one else had this problem before and care to give me any advice?
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    this will turn into a Q and A regarding shin sensitivity (do you roll wine bottles down the leg to kill nerves, or kick trees) I'm thinkin...... ~~ ~~

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    Did you actually check with your shin? I would go to the Doctor is pain persists after a weeks rest, no matter what you think it may be. I went to dr before my last fight and found out I injured my scapular acromion, who would have predicted that?!
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    This sounds similar to an issue I had last year, I actually managed to kick someones elbow (with thai shins on) and had a sensation of shooting pains running up my lower calf and when the foot was extended the pin was awesome (would have been if it felt good anyways).

    When I had it checked out it showed that I had damaged my Common fibular nerve, the healing procedure for which was to wait 6 months and the nerve would heal itself (did it ek as like). The pain was comparable to sciatica and has now mellowed but still affects my kicking from time to time.

    Other than damaging a nerve I might say that you have shin splints or possibly refered sciatica, but I am no doctor, my advice would be get to the quacks and get refered to the hospital for X-rays. If its nerves then you'll need to rest and stick to punching and conditioning drills that dont require alot of movement. Leave you leg up as often as possible.

    Hope that helps.
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