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Thread: Judo and BJJ Whats the difference between them?

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    Default Judo and BJJ Whats the difference between them?

    As above, what is the difference between these 2? i dont know anything about them apart from they use grappling, so any help would be great.
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    Both grappling arts,

    Judo is throws/trips/takedowns using the gi, with groundwork i.e. submissions/holds....

    BJJ is more or less (in my experience) more focussed on ground work, again submissions with/without gi ... gi= jacket+trousers

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    Both two sides of the same coin.

    Judo = Standing with a view to take your opponent down.

    BJJ = How you submit your opponent once you've gotten him down.

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    so is judo only useful when ur oponent has a gi on? or can it be adapted to normal clothes? does BJJ fighters aim to take the fight to the floor?
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    Judo and BJJ are both gi based martial arts, but there are many techniques that can be used on an opponent that isn't wearing a gi.

    Yes, a BJJ fighter will look to get the fight to the floor as that is where he will be at his most dangerous. Many BJJ fighters train Judo as well because you can have the best ground game (BJJ) in the world, but if you can't take your opponent down, it really isn't a whole lot of use. That's not to say that an effective BJJ fighter has to be excellent at Judo, many are not, but perfecting Judo techniques will pay dividends for a BJJ player.

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    Silly question.
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    It's only a silly question to those who know the answer.

    If you don't know the answer and aren't particularly experienced in grappling arts then it's a perfectly reasonable question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColliflowerBum View Post
    As above, what is the difference between these 2? i dont know anything about them apart from they use grappling, so any help would be great.

    Think about Rugby League and Rugby Union, or Rugby and American Football.

    The aims of these sports are pretty much the same (get the ball over the line), but the rules make the tactics very different.

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    Judo came from an original feudal Japan form of Jui Jitsu, after Japans feudal origns came to an end the creator took out a bunch of dangerous stuff like strikes, eye gouges, leg locks etc so that they could continue to train full speed. Judo was devised as a sport to keep Jui Jitsu alive in civil Japan. The emphasis on judo was throwing the opponent on their back or submitting them.

    A student of Judos creator was sent to create a Japanese colony in Brazil. In return for political assistance from a man named Gracie, the student was to teach Jui Jitsu to Gracies sons. As this student fought vale tudo style fights he no longer considered his art Judo, but Jui Jitsu. Its thought that Gracies sons didnt learn from their instructor for very long, implying that the Gracies developed the ideas over decades to become Gracie Jui Jitsu or Brazilian Jui Jitsu.

    Forget all the guys names etc but thats what I remember from a book by Renzo Gracie.

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