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Thread: Judo and BJJ Whats the difference between them?

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    Overall, in my limited experience of both, I have found that the biggest difference between them is that Judo hurts more.


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    Judo made in Japan.
    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu made in USA.

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    Most importantly, go down to a judo club and have a few session. Go also down to a BJJ club and have a few sessions. See what you like and enjoy.

    I can guarantee you will find many wonderful and crazy people

    Let us know how it goes amigo.
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    thanks guys i currently training in muay thai but im not training to fight i just enjoy the sport and its good to try and get fit but i wouldnt mind trying other things as well for a bit of variation and BJJ and judo are actually quite fasinating to me also do u need to a GI to train cause thats the main put off cause i dont want to buy a GI and find out i dont like it
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    hello mate i'm just started judo myself after a few years mma and bjj and now with kids and such am just training to be well rounded and for my enjoyment and my plan is to do 1 judo 1 bjj and 1 thai class a week dont know whereabouts in newcastle you are but i have done a handful of classes at newburn judo club and could not recomend it enough great coaches and helpful students also the faktory offers excellent muay thai and bjj

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    Yeah you'll need a gi. Just buy a plain Judo gi to start off with. You can pick them up for around 25 in many sports stores and online. It's only 25 so you're not breaking the bank. If you find that you don't like it then you can use your Judo gi for lounging round the house. They're very comfortable and it freaks people out when you answer the front door in it.

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    i train muay thai at the faktory mate and if i was to take bjj up it would be there, can u pm me some details about the judo club and whats the deal with the GI
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    hey twitch boy would i be able to use the same gi for bjj as well and would i need to buy a belt as well?
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    you can wear the gi for both and you will get a white belt free 9 times out of 10

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    Yeah, if you buy a Judo Gi you'll be able to use it for BJJ as well. Once you've decided whether you want to stick with it you'll probably decide to buy BJJ gi too. There isn't much difference really, just Judo Gis have slightly wider sleeves.

    Unlike BJJ gis most Judo Gis come with a belt.

    Don't know what size you are but here's a decent Judo Gi for 25. Perfect for a beginner.

    Judo gis sizes are done by height. This one is to fit people who are between 5ft 10" and 6ft 1"
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