Well this is an interview with one of the chaps certified under Billy Robinson

Theres a chap called Mick Fage I think in Kettering who is a pro-wrestling trainer but he was trained by a wrestling booth wrester. He may be able to point you in the right direction.

Also I think Robbie Brookside the pro-wrestling trainer in Leicester fought in the Blackpool wrestling booth. He may know an old timer or two still going.

There are people around but theres no culture of teaching in gyms it seems.

I develped my entire interest in grappling/wrestling from an old bloke who drank in the pub I frequented as an underager.

He wrestled in the wrestling booth in Yarmouth and used to mention having to close down drunken members of the Navy. The booze had got to him but he was still massivly strong. Norwich apparently had a wrestling gym in its old lads club but theres scant reference to it anywhere, although enough to verify that claim.

I just dont think back in the day there was any interest in it in a sportive context

Its a shame but at least theres some people who know.

Theres certainly more people with catch training than there were Brazilian black belts 10 years ago