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Thread: Catch Wrestling in the UK?

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    i am now a fully qualified catch instructor. I can trace my catch lineage direct back to Billy Reilly in an unbroken chain. Pm for private lesson or seminar prices and availability
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    I learned catch wrestling from larry hartsell,larry also taught eric paulson it--Larry was taught it from gene lebell who in turn got it from lou thetz and ed lewis.Larry and eric also trained shooto under yori nakamura top protoge of satoru sayama who was taught catch by karl gotch.

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    Training under larry,eric and yori gave me a great background in no gi wrestling,i later trained bjj under ben poppleton and neil owen two good freinds of mine who pioneered bjj in the north-i still teach bjj and catch and shooto to my mma and grappling fighters-Two former students who used it to great success were jason ball who spent 5 years with me and danny mitchell who trained with me as a teen in catch/shooto and both have a good catch bjj game.

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    is there any difference from catch wrestling and submission wrestling

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    real catch wrestling had pins

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    Ive,found training the pin makes the fighters develop an aggressive top game --We spar with the pin and without -it makes a good change to your sparring.

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    November of last year also saw Ian Bromley certified under Snake Pit Wigan (Roy Wood) . he has trained with Roy for 18 years so it was a well earned coaching qualification ... Snake Pit Wigan details can be found on

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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ Gould View Post
    Shane Rigby a couple of times a week in Wigan. He is / was the wrestling coach for Kaobon in Liverpool and was taught by Roy Wood. I think he may have competed in Amateur Wrestling as well.
    Think Shane competed at Commonwealth level back in the day. He coaches at Sapphires as well as other places atm.

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    Catch Wrestling is back!

    Here is a little video that shows what Catch Wrestling is at the home of Catch-as-catch-can Wrestling at The Snake Pit Wigan

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