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Thread: Choke without passing guard?

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    Default Choke without passing guard?

    Haven't tried to choke anyone from in guard for at least a decade, after my Judo instructor told me to stop trying it. But occasionally someone seems to be able to get it, like in this video (against a BJJ black belt apparently):

    What do people reckon, occasionally worth a try, or pretty much never worth the risk?

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    Remember seeing a vid of Simon Hayes doing it semi recently in a competitative match

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    I saw one our team get choked by someone in his own guard at the Bournemouth Open last year.


    One of my team mates did it to someone at the English Open in November..

    In both cases the guys applying the choke were very strong.

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    I think I'm right in saying that Simon's choke is part of a guard pass, he doesn't actually do it in closed guard. Is this the video you were referring to?

    The ezekiel choke from within guard is effective, I've had it done to me a few times by guys who aren't that heavy, but I'm only a white belt lol! Vince at Carlsons does a mean one.

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    You're right Ed,the choke that i use is not within the guard,i have effectively passed as the choke is applied.

    The video in the original post does show an ezekiel and you're right,Vince does use it effectively,BUT,i would not teach that technique because
    although it can work it is usually only effective against lower grades because by commiting your arm that high within closed guard
    you are seriously risking being arm-barred.

    I am surprised the technique in the video worked on a black belt.The technique certainly needs an element of surprise but here's my advice-

    if someone commits their arm that high,you need to immediately arm bar them,waiting and being too scared or too slow to open your guard
    results in the ezekiel being very dangerous.

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    There is a world class BB who uses it a lot (can't for the life of me remember his name, I'll post it when I remember).
    Generally it's a pretty bad idea though.
    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    That guard pass with the choke is one that Ivam makes us drill a lot.

    when your on the bottom it's a merciless pass and the only way to relieve is to concede position early on.

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    fair play to the guy for letting go so quickly

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    Roy Harris once said: as a beginne, you learn the rules. When you enter intermediate jiu jitsu the rules change. When you join the elite there are no rules.
    The Part Time Grappler - Just Google BJJ / Grappling Tips and you'll find me

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    i made a guy faint the other day at training
    i was on his guard, then i had the ezequiel tight aginst his neck
    he tried to go for an arm-bar, while i had the ezequiel. well, it was really tight, and i pressed even harder when he tried to get my arm
    he didn't tap, and i couldn't see anyhting, 'cause he had his legs, before my eyes
    but a heard a weird throat noise
    then i let go.
    it took me, maybe 3 to 5 seconds to realize what had happened.
    lol who was it?
    he wasn't moving, and he was drooling a little
    his eyes , oddly twisted.
    i called for master, and then everybody came, and woke him up
    i sarted crying. hahah
    well, it was some blue belt boy, quite young, maybe 17, or 19. probably you saw him, but don't know his name
    lol poor guy

    conversation from fb this evening lol
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