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Thread: Congratulations to Vince Machado

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    Default Congratulations to Vince Machado

    Vince Machado was awarded his Purple belt today at Carlson Gracie London.

    We value the purple belt very highly and they are very hard to achieve at Carlson's but after Vince became a one man wrecking machine at most competitions as well as a force to be reckoned with in Gi or No Gi at the gym,the time was right.

    Well done Vince,well deserved.

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    Awesome news.

    Not only is Vince a tough competitor, but he is also one of the most active BJJ refs, without the like of whom, the UK BJJ competition scene would not be expanding at the rate it is.

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    A really genuine guy.

    Vince was my very first roll in my very first BJJ class. I will always remember his words to me when I started at Carlsons "I won't submit you as long as you keep moving" he said. He was true to his word.

    He spent practically the whole of my very first BJJ class rolling with me and giving me tips on how to avoid getting smashed. Everyone's first BJJ class should be like that.

    Thanks Vince and very well done to you sir.

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    Vince won around 15 gold medals in the blue belt division over the last couple of years and has been tapping higher grades for some time.

    Some people start bitching about their next belt and asking for it with 1/10 of his achievements. He never did that, all he asked was how he could improve and what he needed to work on. He listened to his instructors, he was helpful and friendly with other students, he worked on his weaknesses and could be relied upon to smash people who needed smashing. He has matured into a very technical and well rounded fighter.

    That's what makes him a Carlson Gracie purple belt. We're all very proud of him.


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    Fantastic - Vince was a super nice guy and very welcoming when I met him, as well as probably the best blue belt I've ever rolled with, and better than some purples imo! Well done on a deserved promotion.

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    very very well deserved. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Vince is an ezekiel monster!!!

    He should come over to Amsterdam to choke us...


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    The only problem with Vince is that he cant function properly without the morning coffee lol :P

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    congratulations ossssssss

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    Ossssssss Vince! Congrats..

    A top guy. With a nasty sideline in chokes..

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