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Thread: Where did it all go wrong for Judo?

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    Default Where did it all go wrong for Judo?

    and why can't it be like this anymore?

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    in my opinion its gone like Karate

    when I started it was all about the style and technique ~ now a days its all about the money , keep it simple and turn the numbers over.

    The problem I find is trying to teach my why puts a large number of students off , but thats modern times for you my friend.

    You taught Judo like this in todays enviroment you will only get a select number of students that are willing to put the work in

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    Awesome vid, I have the Neil Adams book of Armlocks, I'm pretty sure this tournament is where the cover photo was from. Thanks for posting Simon.
    Pedro Bessa BJJ Bristol. Sweatbox MMA.
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    God likes head kick knock outs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Hayes View Post
    and why can't it be like this anymore?

    It went wrong because of the IJF trying to maintain Olympic Status.

    I used to love a good ne-waza scrap in competition, but slowly the rule changes pretty much removed it, I was getting more and more frustrated at the rule changes and politics of Judo but there wasn't really much I could do about it. Then one day in 2002 I saw an advert for a BJJ comp in Birmingham . . . . .

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    I disagree with C.K.A. In my opinion it's all geared towards an Olympic Gold medal (on a National level)

    All their resources are directed towards that medal. Courses to improve coaching, a new form of grading that's intended to improve student retention and therefore overall numbers as well as improving the technical level over the long term. Funding for athletes to train full time, world class facilities etc.

    From an International perspective they are changing the rules (banning leg attacks) to prohibit a type of Judo that they feel is contrary to the true style as set out by Kano.

    Groundwork was massively curtailed to allow more explosive standing attacks. After all if you only have to turtle for 0.5 seconds to get a standup then what's the harm in jumping for a drop seionage with so little consequence for failure.

    Although they have the best intentions they will (already have?) mess up the sport side of things. The Martial art will remain a popular and entertaining pastime as well as a good form of self improvement and self defence.

    Is good fight, but no longer best fight.

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    jiu jitsu is best fight in world my fren
    Existem bons lutadores que praticam boas lutas, porém existem os melhores lutadores que praticam a melhor luta: JIUJITSU

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    Train both and you cant go wrong.

    Judo is ruled towards stand up and BJJ is towards ground work.

    They are the same with a different opinion on things and therefore have gone in different directions with the rule set.

    Personally I like a 70/30 split between ground and throws, but its up to the individual, people like differnt things, I prefer the ground, but I have been working hard on my takedowns as of late, but I feel you get alot of injuries from the takedowns and ground is a safer option as you age.

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    The title of the thread was really just to get people to
    watch the Neil Adams rolling juji gatame.
    I love Judo,i just think it should be trained with Jiu jitsu

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    Great video, never seen it before.

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    That rolling Juji-gatame is jj black belt level.

    Neils transitions to ground are very quick and smooth too!

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