Hello all, right as last reductions to the guitar related gear I want shot of we have:

BC Rich NJ Signature Series Mick Thomson Warlock

£550 ono - Will consider a swap if I like what is offered

Body: Mahogany

Neck: Maple

Headstock: Widow

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Inlay: HATE inlays 2nd-5th fret and SIGNATURE SERIES inlay on 12th fret

Neck Join: Bolt-on

Scale: 25 1/2"

Pickups - EMG-HZ (non active)

Solid body coffin case

Line 6 Vetta 1 with FBV Longboard footswitch and Manual

£550 ono

Cab size - 2x12" Custom Celestion Speakers with maximum output of 200watts, or 100 watts per side Extension speakers can be added in stereo or mono for each side. Additionally the amplifier has twin midi outs, unbalanced outs (quater inch jack) and balanced outs (XLR fitting). Number of Amp models: 44 including Mesa Boogie Dual and Triple Rectifiers, Multitude of Marshal and Fender amps. Number of cab models: 27 - These can be paired with any amp model you choose to have. Number of stompbox effects: 31 stompox effects including Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi, ADA Flanger, Pro CO Rat, Ibanez Tube Screamer, Boss CE1, Boss DM2, Electro Harmonix Memory Man, EP 1 Echoplex and MANY more! Additional post production effects: 26 including Double Tracking, Leslie Speakers, Reverbs etc. You can use 1 amp at once or two in stereo as well as routing your stompboxes and post effects however you choose. The amp includes noise gates and more EQ than you can imagine.All of this can be controlled using the FBX Footcontroller which includes two expression pedals, one for wah, one for volume. Up to three of the on board stomp boxes can be switched on with the controller, along with reverb, modulation, delay and pitch shift/tremelo along with tap tempo option for delay which doubles as a switch for the on board TUNER! Four channels are switchable at any time, along with a preset favourite channel. Additionally you can move up and down banks of amps as well as being able to switch between two amps in a channel or switch both on at once. Pre set Factory memory has 64 pre set channels with an ADDITIONAL 64 User channels for you to update with your own channels. The amp has a couple of knicks to the casing, nothing detrimental to the amp itself and hardly noticeable. Selling due to trimming of collection due to house move reducing space. You genuinely will never need another amp, or indeed effects pedals! Seller can either pick up the amp, I will meet the person halfway to deliver (within reason!) Or we can sort a courier for the amp seperately. Thanks for looking

Line 6 MM4 Modulation Station

£100 ono

Nothing opens up new guitar vocabulary quite like modulation. Drenching your tone in tremolo, flange, rotary speaker, chorus or even ring modulation can help you find your singular language on the instrument, while giving your listeners chills, thrills and psychoactive spills. But while run-of-the-mill chorus pedals and off-the-shelf tremolo boxes are rarely more than one-trick ponies, the tone-packed Line 6 MM4 Modulation Modeler rides into town with a treasure trove of vintage analog-style modulation and modern tone manglers, while providing the 24-bit stereo signal path and true bypass demanded of the digital domain.The MM4 features spot-on models based on* classic mod units like the brilliant optical tremolo found in the 1965 Fender® Deluxe Reverb® amp, the badass bias tremolo of the 1960 Vox® AC15, the legendary MXR® Phase 90 favored by Eddie Van Halen, and even the dripping phase effects of the funkadelic Mu-Tron® Bi-Phase. Step into the dimension of rotating speakers with models based on* the Fender® Vibratone and the classic Leslie® 145. You’ll also get models based on* a pair of MXR® and A/DA’s essential flangers, as well as the Boss® CE-1 Chorus Ensemble that made Andy Summer’s shimmering sound the cornerstone of the Police and the signature guitar sound of the Eighties.Wanna modulate your entire consciousness? Check out the outrageous Ring Modulator, which will turn your guitar into a talking robot from the outer Zarkon system; select between Amplitude and Frequency Modulation and don’t be surprised if a mothership lands on your mixing board. Whether you opt to head for the Twin Peaks of the mysterious tremolos found in the MM4, the chewy pleasures of its mouth-watering Uni-Vibe® model, or the fighter jet swoosh of its creamy flangers, you’ll be able to save and recall up to four of your own creations (or access the ones we’ve preloaded) by simply pressing and holding one of the four solid footswitches; team the MM4 up with the EX-1 expression pedal to morph tremolo speed, wave shape, chorus depth or any other of many MM4 variable parameters on the fly and in real-time.And remember, always modulate in moderation. . . except when you modulate to the extreme.Available Models:• Opto Tremolo• Bias Tremolo• Phaser• Dual Phaser• Panned Phaser• U-Vibe• Rotary Drum• Rotary Drum & Horn• Analog Flanger• Jet Flanger• Analog Chorus• Dimension• Tri Chorus• Pitch Vibrato• Ring Modulator• PannerMM4 SpecificationsDigital Effects 16Factory Presets 20User Programmable Channels 4Controls Effect Selector, Speed, Depth, Tweak, Tweez, MixAdditional Controls EX-1 Expression Pedal (optional)Mono/ Stereo Stereo in/ Stereo outChassis Color BlueDimensions Length: 10-inches/25.4 cm; Width/Depth: 6-inches/15.24 cm; Height: 2.375-inches; Weight: 3.1 lbs

Line 6 Uber Metal Distortion

£40 ono

Model Switch - Give this a flick to reconfigure the destructive power of über Metal.Metal - creates screaming distortion, from heavy grind to molten metal! Bow down, infidels.Pulverize - gives you a distortion similar to a high-gain tube amp. Mmmm, it's warm and meaty!Insane - has more skin-peeling gain and sustain than anything else available. For the inner Samurai-shredder in all of us.Level - This sets the output level. Higher levels will hit the amp or effect fed by the über Metal will more signal level, giving your more volume.Mid & Scoop - Mid chooses a frequency from 250Hz to 4kHz. Scoop then removes sound at this frequency, with maximum scoop at the fully clockwise setting. Turn it fully counter-clockwise for a slight mid boost.Drive - This controls the amount of distortion created within your über Metal. Especially when you've got it set high, you may need to use the Gate to tame unwanted noise.Bass & Treble - Bass and Treble are controls for your low and high frequencies.GateOff - Disables the Gate.Gate 1 - A soft and mild noise gate, self-adjusting to your current Drive knob setting.Gate 2 - A heavy, fast-clamping gate. Great for those aggressive metal chords and palm muting.

That's ya lot.

Will take £1000 for the lot