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    A couple of nights ago at open mat training, one of our white belt Japanese students tried to gogo-plata me. I postured, passed and submitted him. He's a great dude, but always tries to pull off the fanciest stuff... Flexa screams at him most of the time: "NUMATA!!! NO CRAZY MOVEMENT!!!"

    Then my other friend, who's a blue belt, told the Japanese kid: "He passed your guard, because you didn't go for for mission control to double bagger control. That way, there is no way for him to pass, and he's trapped..."

    Mind you. I have been training BJJ since 2000, and the more I learn, the more I realize I don't understand anything about jiu jitsu.

    But I do know one thing: hearing the word mission control coming from the mouth of a one-year blue belt teaching a spazzing white belt, I have to grind my teeth...

    Can I get an Amen?

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    My learning philosophy : shut up, switch on and listen.

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    blue belt was right, when done right, no can defense
    man, when you're the nail, hang in there....until the day you become the hammer

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    I had to look up 'mission control' and 'double bagger control' online.

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    I hope Flexa goes knee on chest to teach them a lesson.

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    Mission control to double tea bagger control is whey better.

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    Mission control into saggy ball bagger control trumps everything, fool!

    You know nothing!!!
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    I love the basics. Maybe there is something wrong with me but I never find the good ol' basic stuff boring.

    I did the whole ruber guard shebang for about a year or so and it taught me lots of things about clinching, isolation and the importance of staggering your attack but that made my fundamentals stronger.

    People sometimes forget that it's an approach. It's a way of looking at things, it's not be all end all.
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