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Thread: Top ten footballers 2011

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    Frakes has his valianT say.

    It's always difficult to draw up a top 10 in any field. Everyone has different ideas of what makes you a top player. It could be consistency, it could be current form, it could be longevity etc. It's slightly easier to do these sort of lists by position. Having said that, I am sure that as you are, by now, hanging on my every valianT word, I must now go ahead and make a top 10 call. For that reason, in no particular order, and with reasons. Here's my personal opinion.

    LIONEL MESSI - I said no particular order but he had to go first. Despite the goals he's scored I actually don't feel he's played as well this season as he did the last 2. His workrate seems to have dropped a bit and he doesn't have the same movement. He has, though, been consistently among the best players in the world since he was about 18/19.

    CRISTIANO RONALDO - As above, has been consistent and showed that he has all the skills. He has a questionable mentality when things go against his team but he has to be on your list if the title is "top footballers".

    XAVI HERNANDEZ - Was one of the best kept secrets in Spanish football for a while but is now recognised as a true genius of the game. His ability has remained at its peak and undiminished now for about 4 or 5 years.

    ANDRES INIESTA - Is beginning to find his peak form over the last 2 seasons and is now looking world class in every game he plays. While not so much of a spiritual successor to Xavi, he's definitely an excellent foil and compliments his midfield partner so well.

    CESC FABREGAS - He basically IS Arsenal. When he plays, Arsenal play and when he plays well Arsenal look like a top class side. They're not the same without him. He is the spiritual successor to Xavi in my (and apparently Barca's) opinion and I think he'll be heading back there in the next few seasons.

    CARLOS TEVEZ - I was dubious about this player for a while but he's been consistently outstanding for a couple of seasons now. Works very, very hard and would be a great signing for any side.

    IKER CASILLAS - I don't think I've ever seen such a reliable goalie in my lifetime. Up there with Buffon as one of the best of his generation and has been the difference between wins and draws for Real Madrid more than once.

    WESLEY SNEIJDER - A world class midfield player with a stunning shot on him and who is also deceptively strong for his size. He's also shown great consistency over a number of seasons.

    DAVID VILLA - Has been consistently one of the best players in a tough Spanish league which has fast, well balanced defenders. Since moving to Barca he has shown that he has more to his game than goals.

    EDWIN VAN DER SAR - The sheer amount of time this man has spent at the top level in football is stunning. I add him simply for being consistently good for so long. He's the new Oliver Kahn.

    These are just the 10 that came to my mind first and should in no way be taken as the only players I think are good.
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