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    Hi chaps

    Went to my first BJJ class in over a year (Camberley CG) on Monday. Dam it was tough! Whenever something happened in rolling, I was just sitting still for ages thinking what to do next, which didn't work out so well

    I did notice a certain 'objectivity' to my performance though. I realised how poor my hip movement is and how small my game really is for the time I've spent playing at jits.

    It's time to fix this.

    What are your thoughts on this guys? Do I look at what I'm worst at and start there? I was thinking about practicing some solo drills at home every day (even if I only have 15 minutes- it's something right?) to get my mobility up.

    Any advice welcome

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    Ive done a couple months last year, only got back into january, and i havent done a thing outside class, just turn up and let it pan out slowly. Ive tried getting down to more than once a week (been injured for the last couple weeks) and i seem to pick things up better if left in the hands of my coach rather than try picking up tips on youtube/instructionals by myself, but saying that everyones different. I guess doing shrimping, foward/backward rolls over the shoulder and sit-throughs are a start. Hopefully someone else better qualifed can help.

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