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Thread: Last nights UFC

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    Default Last nights UFC

    UFC Proof that it doesn't matter if you get beaten into an unrecognizable bloody pulp, you'll still win the fight with a single take-down, lasting exactly 10 seconds down in a full 3 round fight.

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    Missed your thread, so made this one dude

    i had it 29-28 Sanchez personally, 2nd and 3rd, but the second was very close and thought it could have easily gone either way. Thought he was more active!

    But he looked like dog meat after lol
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    Diego was far more active and had Kampmann backing up in the 2nd and 3rd. He had far more gas in the tank in the 3rd. I think the decision was fair, but could see damage-wise, why Kampmann could have won.

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    I personally scored it 29-28 to Martin but I don't think its the worst decision, Martin did the best work but Diego's pressure and heavier shots swayed the judges.
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    Proper horrorshow.

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    Kampmann at least 29-28 for me. Thought he fought great actually. Also Diego looked to be carrying a bit of beef, amazing gas tank though.
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    Still not seen it, going to watch it this weekend, but reading the PbPs and looking at the figures on fightmetric etc, I can't understand how Diego won. Took lots of damage, was outstruck in every round but the last, and had 14 takedown attempts stuffed. His face is fucked, not even the Yoshihiro 'The Hawtness' Takayama looked like that after his ridiculous brawl with Don Frye!

    Here's my feelings on last night's event:

    I hate you Joe Stevenson, really I do. I had reservations about that fight, don't know what compelled me to add it on.
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    I had it 29-28 Kampmann. I think that the judges gave Sanchez the nod because he was aggressive and kept pushing forward. However, the quality all came from Kampmann. He also dictated where the fight took place by stuffing all but one of Sanchez's takedowns.

    Zanmato, that is gutting. What return were you looking at?

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    The midget bodybuilder ref looked like juiced Stewie from Family Guy with a Brock Lesnar wig on.

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