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    Hi guy's just wanted a bit of advice about to finally start training I'm wondering if it is acceptable as a new guy to wear a coloured Gi. Do most newbies wear white as rule of thumb?

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    As long is it's not tie die, fluoresent etc just turn up and train.

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    White, blue, or black are all perfectly fine. Anything else should be fine too, but there may be some who think you need a little special attention if you turn up in a camouflage gi covered in patches.

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    Thanks chaps, I've got a black gi so hopefully that will be acceptable

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    Black should be fine. I thought the same as you, that people will think I'm being cocky if I wear anything other than a plain white gi so that's what I bought. Then when I started I found that it was pretty even between white, blue and black and no-one batted an eyelid at who wore what.

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    Instead of colour i think the thing you gotta look for is BRAND !
    if someone comes in the gym with a koral gi im thinking they cant be a noob. buuutt i have been wrong on many occasions
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    I'm new to this forum and new to martial arts and been thinking for quite a bit about bjj classes, any advise on the best club to go to in sheffield and begginer classes only.

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    do not beware the beginner who has the blingiest gi, but the one with the most worn-out knee guards claiming he's never done any training before!
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    Subzero - Gracie Barra Sheffield

    Paul J - your surname isn't "johno" is it?!

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    My nickname in work is jonno but it's not my surname.

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