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Thread: Some advice needed?

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    Default Some advice needed?

    I have a real problem rolling with a guy at my club. Hes small in stature - maybe 67kg and a purple belt. To clarify, these are merely club rolls.

    He gives me real problems - infact smaller skilled guys in general give me problems. Now we could argue that its the belt grade, its skills, etc..but fact is that now i see a pattern emerging with smaller guys giving me some of the most difficult rolls ever.

    Anybody else see this pattern?

    Is it just me?

    Ps i need to stop falling for the line - "we'll have a gentle flow roll" - thats where is let me guard down and pay the price.

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    what are the problems you have with him? in small do you mean short aswell or tall and thin frame?
    whats your weight?

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    How big are you? Maybe you're playing a speed game which won't work on people faster than you? I'm a 68kg purple (coincidentally) and have the hardest time with bigger guys who use the advantage properly; crush, flatten, take away my space inch-by-inch and never give it back.

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    tap. tap early. see how he got you, then block it the next time around. If he get's you again, tap again. tap early and see how he got you.

    If you learn two of his moves and block them, he'll start playing outside his comfort zone and make more mistakes.

    Let us know how it all turns out.

    (by the way, if you're a white belt complaining about struggling with a purple then I'm afraid tough titties my friend )
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    I think the problem might be that little dudes generally roll with bigger guys all the time and get more used to it, develope shit that works against these dudes, whereas guys your size, just don't get as much experience rolling with small guys.

    (midget purple belt)
    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    i have been given advice inhouse but i like to throw things out for discussion.

    I should clarify its both gi (new to this) and nogi (not new to this) training but i posted here because i thought it would recieve more intelligent discussion.

    I have trained with and rolled with some decent guys and smaller guys give me the most problems i find. Rob - u might be right about rolling with smaller guy (tall thin, short and light) and they develop a good game against bigger guys.

    Liam i think you are right - i know his signature moves and the wheels are turning on how to block them. His guard is very dangerous and probabally something he was forced to develop.

    Pointyshiny - maybe ur right smash, crush and take away all the space - i just think this is a shit way to roll in training. But maybe this is the solution.


    Ps I weigh mid to late 80kgs.

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    It is hard to do pretty technique when you are the bigger guy. Smaller people can always move faster than big people (better strength to weight ratio), so sometimes you gotta use ugly technique and just squish those motherfuckers. They can't move so fast with all your weight on them. But on the other hand, yeah sometimes it is polite not to squish your team mates too much. But just enough that they don't get cocky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TatooineFarmBoy View Post
    But on the other hand, yeah sometimes it is polite not to squish your team mates too much. But just enough that they don't get cocky.
    There is pressure then there is squish. You guys have insprired a vid I should do
    The Part Time Grappler - Just Google BJJ / Grappling Tips and you'll find me

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    lol @ it not being polite to crush someone in jiu jitsu class. what cockfaggot sport is this turning into?
    man, when you're the nail, hang in there....until the day you become the hammer

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    I don't see why an 80kg guy has to worry about using strength/size against 67kg anyway. That's not that big a difference.

    I don't think it's right to try to learn to shut down the specific techniques one person uses, that's a competition tactic. Time is better spent understanding how to stop them doing anything and how to shut down their movement - anything you learn from that is applicable to any other opponent. -

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