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Afternoon all. We are new to the forum so i thought a brief write up might help people understand who we are and what we can offer. was started in September 2010 as an online shop. We have a small retail outlet at a local gym and plan on opening a "proper shop" later on this year.

As a new business we have tried to research all options available to us for sourcing products from various suppliers, using feedback from customers to help us make our minds up which brands we are going to stock. We initially tried the "offer everything from every manufacturer" route but soon realised that with the majority of suppliers this was not the best road to go down because of the ever changing stock lists and the vast product ranges.

Now everything we have for sale is either in stock at our unit, at the gym or en-route from our suppliers and should be available for despatch within 24 hours. We feel this approach is better for all parties involved and hopefully we can build up a reputation as a retailer who can be relied upon.

We are not trying to take over the world, nor are we trying to make a "quick buck" we are simply wanting to supply good quality products at sensible prices with minimal fuss and quick delivery times.

Our website can be found at

Thanks for taking the time to read this

Craig & Rich