My only hope is that Dana can actually learn from scott corker and take a step back and act like a professional business man and not some roided up loud mouth.

one of my biggest gripes with the UFC is Dana white himself, the way he acts just screams " I was bullied as a child stroke my ego" you can see he get's a genuine kick out of controlling the fate of people who could end his life in under a minute with there bare hands.

I as a fan don't want his opinion, I want him to do his job and shut the fuck up, I don't care about his rankings or who he thinks is the p4p best in the world, I don't want to hear his opinion on fighters personal lives or how he thinks they should perform, that's not his place to comment on.

The video blogs are ok because it gives the fans a look in to what goes in to the fight week, that's all well and good, but other than that dana needs to get it out of his head that he is the super star and people give a shit about what he thinks.