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Thread: Zuffa has just bought Strikeforce

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    Quote Originally Posted by the mid 90's View Post

    This is a very sad day.

    So bad for so many reasons.

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    I don't know if the UFC can succeed with a feeder organisation like some of you are suggesting (and I'm sure they're aware of this also). Strikeforce was in competition with the UFC, but now it is part and parcel of the same thing, all of the biggest draws from the 'feeder organisation' will be put straight into the UFC, making the organisation a bit pointless. Not to mention how unsuccessful the organisation would be with casual fans. It's the reason Pride said goodbye, and why the WEC said goodbye. The WEC was slightly different, as it had the weights the UFC didn't cater for, so it could be argued that it was still the premier organisation at those weights and yet it still didn't get enough recognition to continue.

    This is just another case of the UFC buying an organisation to poach it's fans and best fighters, then liquidate it.

    A whole bunch of fighters are going to get cut, and there won't be any close competition in the English speaking world for the UFC to compete with.

    I am going to miss Strikeforce's production and commentary.

    Go to hell, Zuffa.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrWinstonChurchill View Post
    Great minds think a like!
    lol absolutely

    You're right though, they're on thin ice though (Daley and co)....Dana holds a grudge and doesn't bury the hatchet unless there's something in it for him!

    Maybe the new company wont have a great deal to do with Dana though, as they are planning to keep on the existing staff and run it as it is now....yeah right!
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    The man will play god.
    "If you talk to God you're religious. If God talks to you, you're psychotic

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    Business as usual, what if i dont wanna fight for DANA WHITE/ZUFFA?......Dana white bans me for life from the UFC, Then buys STRIKEFORCE, and thinks im still gonna be EASY and fight on one of the most anticipated fights of the year (vs Diaz)? Which will no doubt make ZUFFA/Dana White money.

    Daley vs Diaz still on?.....Someone better holla at my manager real quick.

    according to Daley lol

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    Will be interesting to see what happens. Without any competition the quality could suffer.

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    I like this.
    I want all my top level MMA in one Place on one network.
    UFC will swallow up strikeforce when showtime contract is complete.
    Diaz, werdum, overeem, fedor (maybe) Barnett (maybe) all part of ufc roster.
    Again, I like this.

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    Dont like this.

    Sure it may produce an open door for some SF fighters to enter the UFC and make a few good fights...
    long term though it will be killed off as the SF brand dilutes the MMA market that the UFC seeks to own.

    Remember PRIDE FC or has that 'promise' to keep it running been forgotten also???

    Zuffa are the monopoly of the MMA market and ultimately are there for their own good as a business, not looking out for the wider good of MMA.
    Will see lots of fighters shut out through this. At least before, if you didnt like the way Dana ran the UFC, you could look to fight in Strikeforce and still get proper recognition. Now, its Zuffa way or the high way...

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    think this is class news some class fights going happen now and Dana said he wasnt getting involved with the people he don't like Daley josh etc, by the sounds of things on the underground paul need to keep his cool
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    @JoshGrossESPN The UFC/Strikeforce split is all about contracts. Once they're fulfilled with Showtime, I'm told a WEC type merger is planned.
    boo (urns)!!!!!

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