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Thread: Phuket...Booked it, packed, fucked off!!!

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    Default Phuket...Booked it, packed, fucked off!!!

    Its booked!!!!!!

    All but flight sorted. Any advice on dirt cheap flight websites is much appreciated.

    Im staying for 28 nights at The Stone Inn, run by a very helpful Greek guy called Takis. Rooms look nice, onsite moped hire, close enough to Rawai, Nai Harn and all the ammenitites etc...10,000 BAHT

    Training at Sinbis for the month organised with Lynne...10,000 BAHT

    Not too far from Tiger should I decide to get some grappling sessions in. Spoke to Phuket Fight Store about training kit. Spoke to Pro Nutrtion Phuket about supplements (might give HgH a go while Im out there!!! ).

    Found some good advice online and got my list of things I need to pack like mosquito spray etc. Set up a standing order from one account to another to save up, but I get paid 4 days before I go so not too worried.

    Now Ive got the serious business more or less boxed off, I can start to have a look at the nightlife in Patong for weekends...Can not fucking wait!!! Anyone who will be there between 19th Nov and 17th Dec give me a shout!!!

    Michael Stapleton (Not Martin Stapleton)

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    nice one mate. I'll definitely be there for most of November. Not booked yet but will be booking in next few weeks so will be training at Sinbi and will be able to catch up for a beer sometime.

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    Yeah we'll have a Chang or three mate!

    Michael Stapleton (Not Martin Stapleton)

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    Buy a mosquito net if you react badly to the little fuckers. I was bitten to peices in Phuket.

    As for Patong just get yourself to Bangala Road and it takes care of itself. is awesome for all you need.
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    take you own supplements, way to expensive out here.

    i will be returning around mid november, its my birthday on the 28th (might go out on the saturday night tho) so come to my birthday party at mickeys then hollywood! VIP, food, lots of bottles of vodka and more hot girls than you can shake a stick at!

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    How much were your flights and were did you book them?

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    Not done flights yet...

    Cheers shaun, Ill be there with bells on!

    Michael Stapleton (Not Martin Stapleton)

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    Just got back from Phuket this week after spending six weeks there. Im sure you'll have a blast.

    I stayed at the Stone Inn when i was in Rawai, really nice place and Takis is a sound chap. I was gonna go to Sinbi but ended up at Jaraud Gym instead which is just down the road from Stone Inn, small and basic but quality trainers.

    Look out for the bird with the massive knockers who works at the salon down the road from Stone Inn, I spent my whole time trying to decide if she was a he or not, couldn't quite decide...

    Make sure you get over to Nai Harn beach, Promethep Cape, Big Buddha and Chalong Temple to name but a few.

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    I am going out in November too, not to train to dive and for a holiday.

    Tickets on Qatar Airways ( via Doha which is useful for me) are 599 few hours in Qatar each way, great airline and to Phuket from Heathrow.

    Might not be any use to you, Unless your wanting to see Qatar for any reason, I am only stopping off to pick up my brother to come diving with me, there is stuff to do there but its pricey (10 a PINT) or wanting to leave from London but they are a great airline and while you might not want one on the way back you will probably be glad of it on the way back.

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    Try or Southall Travel. I used them the last 2 times I went and paid less than 600 return both times.
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