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Thread: Scottish Grappling Challenge II 20th March 2011 Results

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    Default Scottish Grappling Challenge II 20th March 2011 Results

    Beginner U57
    1st Ryan Dukes (Colosseum Gym)
    2nd Conor Hyslop (Griphouse/DNFT)
    3rd Calvin Mclevy (Gladatorial Combat)

    Advanced U62
    1st Brian Hyslop (Griphouse/DNFT)
    2nd Iain Postlethaite (BJJ Scotland/Lycans)
    3rd Asa Rodgers (Aliveness Gym)

    Beginner U67
    1st Allan King (Team Unity)
    2nd Gianluca Palambo (D- Unit)
    3rd Conor Borthwick (Team Unity)

    Advanced U67
    1st Ally Mcrae (D-Unit)
    2nd Andy Cairns (D-Unit)
    3rd Robert Mackay (Aliveness Gym)

    Beginner U73
    1st Craig Harrower (Team Unity)
    2nd Karl Mcrae (Rick Youngs BB Academy)
    3rd Kris Urquart (Aliveness gym)

    Advanced U73
    1st Dean Reilly (Griphouse/DNFT)
    2nd Andy Burns (DNFT)
    3rd Darren Clarke (Team Unity)

    Beginner U79
    1st Ryan Bennett (BJJ Scotland/Lycans)
    2nd Ryan Brown
    3rd Steven Stuart (BOA)

    Advanced U79
    1st Gary Ward (D-Unit/DNFT)
    2nd Martin Delaney (DNFT)
    3rd Amro Boray (Volcano)

    Beginner U85
    1st Sean Clancy (Griphouse)
    2nd Ross Campbell (BJJ Scotland/Lycans)
    3rd Stuart Riddle (SMAC)

    Advanced U85
    1st Alan Johnston (D-Unit)
    2nd Scott Ward (DNFT)
    3rd Neil Laird (BJJ Scotland/Lycans)

    Beginner U91
    1st Kyle Littlejohn
    2nd Stephen Tipping

    Beginner +97
    1st Shaun Murney
    2nd Jamie Keegan

    Advanced +97
    1st Thomas Watson (D-Unit)
    2nd Marcelo "Manga" Fraguas (Team Unity)
    3rd David Killen (IFT)

    Beginner Absolute
    1st Steven Stewart (BOA)
    2nd Stephen Tipping
    3rd Kyle Littlejohn (Alivness Gym)

    advanced absolute

    1st Gary Ward (d-untit)
    2nd Martin Delaney (lanark mma)
    3rd Andy Burns (griphouse/ cougars Lair)

    Any mistakes or if anybody has team names for those I don't have, please let me know.

    Thanks to everyone again for a great day.

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    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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