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Thread: BJJ/Muay Thai near Dundee?

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    Default BJJ/Muay Thai near Dundee?

    Alright folks, first time posting.

    I have been doing Judo for many years in my native Edinburgh, recently moved to Dundee (I know, i was forced into it :P). The martial arts community here seems not too bad, some decent judo clubs, but I couldn't find any up to date info on the site however.

    Basically I'm looking to develop some ground game and striking, and I favour BJJ and Muay Thai. Doesn't need to be anywhere fancy, I have no problem with small or local clubs as long as the guys are sound and the instructors know their shit. Anyone know of any reputable clubs that either train these specifically BJJ/Muay Thai or train MMA well?

    Thanks in advance.
    I know of a few clubs, but not of their reputation or quality.
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