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Thread: What are your views on Supremacy MMA Video Game?

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    Question What are your views on Supremacy MMA Video Game?

    What are your views on Supremacy MMA Video Game?

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    It looks shit

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    Im not sure I like the look of it. not because its "bad for the sport" which I agree with dave, its just a game lol, I play GTA also, but I dont go out and start car jacking people and running over policemen, this shouldnt be any different.
    I just dont think I will like it as I hated UFC and the other one. but they mentioned mortal kombat, and I loved that game so maybe gameplay is more like that?

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    From this trailer I'd say it looks utter shite.

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    Not sure it should be called MMA! Most of what I've seen on the trailers is just basic street/pub fighting! Lol

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    In terms of a game it looks good fun, in terms of anything MMA it looks like it does everything we don't want. I like it but wish instead of gore they had thrown in special Naruto style powers with flashy/ impossible moves whilst staying relatively realsitic - that would be awesome and I await the MMA game that actually steps up and does this. Gore and stuff? Stupid

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    Still playing EA MMA.

    Won't be picking this Supremacy game up - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    ...and will there be a 'pad your record' fight mode?

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    Fuckin' quality, stomps, soccer kicks, bare knuckle tong po daffodils. A lot better than gay UFC.

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    I played this game last week and it is awesome! Yeah it blood and gore, yeah foot stomps and socker kicks...t's a game! Im not a gammer, so the thing I liked most was it's easy to play. you dont have to press 27 buttons and click a certain order to make your character do something. I hope it does well, Ricci, the guy behind this game is a nice guy really passionate about what he does! Oh yeah...and it has Felice, Michelle and Jens...

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