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Thread: muay thai shorts? where to buy

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    Default muay thai shorts? where to buy

    does anybody know where i can get some muay thai shorts from for a waist size 37/38 im finding it difficult to find anywhere in the uk or europe that do for the larger sizes.

    any help is appreciated.

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    Try this

    Then hit the size filter on the left to see whats in stock at the size you want. Photography

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    We have the Demon thai shorts in shedloads of sizes mate, Just incase you want something different ME

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    It might be difficult to find the genuine thai shorts in your size. I'm a 34 and I remember when I was in Thailand that came roughly around the xxxl mark! Saying that, some of the bigger names like fairtex will surely cater for the western male.
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    If your of a larger size I'd go with Fairtex, their sizes are more suited to larger westerners.

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    thanks for the replies il have a look at getting some fairtex shorts, thanks again.

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    We have these in stock:

    Pretty certain we do larger westerner sizes (well I have worn a pair and I'm a 34 lol)
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