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Thread: Bisping has just called Sonnen out.

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    Default Bisping has just called Sonnen out.

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    Terrible fight for Bisping but awesome fight for fight fans the build up would be nothing short of blockbuster ha ha

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    I'm wedged so far up Mikes arse he must struggle to sit down, but this is a bad fight for him

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    Yeah, as much as I like Mike; I agree with you guys

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    imagine how funny TUF would be

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    U never know he must think he can take it i hope he does
    Kris Edwards,

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    Isn't Sonnen still suspended??? Mind Games???
    Don't Take Life Too Serious Or You'll Die Stressed!!!

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    Might be more that he's been told he's getting Sonnen and he's trying to make it look like he wants it, terrible fight for him, Nate Marquate would also be a nightmare for him.

    If he wants a title shot he needs to be able to beat these guys.
    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    i actually think bisping matches up better than most against sonnen, although he is still the underdog

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    I really want to see Sonnen vs Silva 2 ..... man, first encounter was epic

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