Unfortuately I supplied the Cage and MC'd the event in Barnsley for these guys as well as putting 7 fighters forward to fight on their event.


1. After the event (after being told all day that they had the money) I was told by Jamie and Brian that they did not have the money and in the end I left with 150 in cash and a cheque for 850.

2. The cheque for 850 bounced. When I called Jamie he replied 'I know, we don't have the money until we sell tickets for our second event!'.

3. Of the 7 fighters put forward to fight at the event only 2 were eventually matched, others were told they were matched then told on the day, or day before that the match had fallen through, yet they were still expected to sell tickets to friends and family at 35 each.

4. Some of the fighters at the event got 'paid' others got ignored by Brian..........

Jamie and Brian have since been on the phone asking for fighters for their 'next event!'


I have been to see. Solicitor today and will be taking whatever action required to recover the money you owe me and my fighters.


I will speak to everyone I know about the way you have conducted yourselves and how you have tried to rip off myself and the fighters.


You are in my opinion a couple of con men who have no place in this sport and should be blacklisted by every club and fighter.