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Thread: RED. MIST. PROMOTIONS (Jamie Rees & Brian Aitken)

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    For the record, I am a cunt... but I am nothing to do with this pair of cunts (although they did try to get me to MC their show!)

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    Hope things are going well Brijam...........sold much of your kit lately, ran any more events? .................LMFAO..................complete oxygen thieves and conmen! Don't forget you still owe me 850 guys! How much do you owe other people?

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    Default Red Mist Promotions - Brian Aitken & Jamie Rees

    Still waiting for the 850 that these two muppets stole from me.

    As promised, I will keep posting these guys names and exposing them for the oxygen thieves that they are in the hope that they never rip anyone else off and keep out of the MMA / Martial Arts community

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    Did they pay ?

    Doesn't have a signature anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheUnfitOne View Post
    Did they pay ?
    Not that I know but I would be surprised.

    Brian is an incompetent buffoon living with mummy.

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    As he's from Sheffield, I was wondering if Brian had anything to do with this new band


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