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Thread: RED. MIST. PROMOTIONS (Jamie Rees & Brian Aitken)

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    These mugs better never promote or try to open another MMA gym. Only a complete mug would

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    Jamie you are a. Liar. And a mug.

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    14000 views, and you think you will have another event............. The ukmma community know how you guys operate so I can very confidently say that you will never have another event again. You were helped in everty way possible then you shafted me........... You are a coward and a mug Jamie Rees
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    What a solid business plan they appeared to have. After seeing the posts on here from Red Mist (Brian) and Jamie, I can only assume there must be a thrird partner that provides some brains to the operation.

    I think Jamie's experience makes him one of the UK's most experienced MMA practitioners, it's therefore surprising that no one has ever heard of him! He'll be a big loss to UK MMA should he jack it all in. lol

    Red Mist agreed on their earlier posts that they owed Mick the money & would pay it if they had it, then Jamie comes on saying they don't owe Mick any money. I think they should have agreed which fabricated story they were going to use between themselves prior to posting on here. Jamie also stated that he eventually came on here to set the record straight, but found it hard to answer simple questions so just ended up calling everyone a liar. The "whole world's against us" act just does not wash on here.

    I'm impartial to this argument, but you only have to look at how people present themselves, and I'm afraid Red Mist and Jamie come across as shady chavvy thieving rob dogs. We should have got them to be part of the bidding process for the 2018 World Cup - although they wouldn't want to confirm any of the venues or actual fixtures taking place. Still, it would have been funny to see them adamant that Bobby Moore was definitely doing an after dinner speech because "the tickets say so".

    Why give Mick a cheque if you had an issue? Why not get off your fat arse and sell tickets yourself? You booked a service from Mick, end of story - this was a business contract that should be honoured. Bouncing a cheque as well is also criminal, there's a right way of doing things and it looks like you've taken the wrong direction.

    Good luck getting your money guys.
    6 out of 7 people say they enjoy gang rape

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    i'm sure those images aren't yours to use on the poster...

    15th of april is the date stated but it also says it still in Escapade Night Club

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ross View Post
    LOL Yes Brian I earned money robbing and teaching traditional martial arts at a club you were sacked from a long time ago for being unorganised, constantly late etc. I left when it began turning from a decent traditional martial arts place to a McDojo and now slate them for the way they've started doing business, this isn't new information btw, as I feel you think you've exposed some dark secret

    Your a joke in martial arts in sheffield. As you are now a joke to the whole of UKMMA, A guy who openly admitted he taught himself wrestling from books and created his own style of martial arts.

    +funny how you weren't so cocky on the phone huh......... LOL

    p.s. Great to see real red mist back
    First of all, you didn't leave when it turned into a mcdojo, cause you've been there for years so your the joke, secondly I ran my own club on my own, don't see you opening your own club cause your so cocky no one would come, amazingly enough your still a blue belt in bjj since we last trained together in 2001 and to train at a club that taught bjj why arnt you black belt by now, andy roberts, john goldson are and you started the same time as them, So then clever cloggs, the man who everybody looks up to, tell me,

    So Mr Cage Fighter, with Lots of experience obviously more than me, more fighting experience, knows everyone on the mma scene WHY haven't you got your own club, 2 fights in the cage and what happened there, i don't know but please enlighten me.

    people don't want you on there shows cause you argue with everybody and as i said before cockyness doesn't get you anywhere. I thought you being you, people would have had you on there show from time ago but as i've read on the "find a fight" they stated something like "Do not have this fighter on your shows" for what ever reason they know and nobody wants you.

    Why not open your own club in sheffield. Damn with the money you earnt from castle black belt academy you should have your own club. I grabbed the bull by the horns and did it myself, yes for 5 and a half years until i lost my security company with the recession and it effected everything else including my club and NOT the fact ross that i was no good.

    When i said to phone me i was angy, not cocky mi ol son.
    gracie ju jitsu taught themselves, where the hell do people come up with these moves, they practice together and work them out and create there own versions. Loads are doing it so don't tell me that i cant learn from books, how stupid does that sound. we all learn from books.

    People would not bring out training videos and books if you can't learn from them and and have a place to practace then too, the net being the biggest thing to learn from. Wow i did learn loads. so don't tell me that you can't learn from books or they wouldn't sell them, HuH lol

    You act cocky and sheffield knows this, even sheffield forum takes you off when you comment, your name is slated in sheffield and you don't go anymore cause you thought you were above everybody else, oh i'm a cage fighter so then you were too good to talk to, you went out fighting security and got mashed up, so thats why ross isn't seen in town anymore in sheffield cause people were after you. so no, i don't act cocky, it doesn't get you know where.

    I even had Hassan Muridi train a few times and had one to one after he had a one to one with christian depalo.
    He was my mates friend who i was working on the door with at the time whom he was staying with.

    I've had wrestlers from Czech Republic 1 called stephan 8-2-2 for months, so again you say i've just learnt from a book. you don't know everything about me ross and i don't know everything about you so don't claim you know it all or you would be doing it yourself.

    Open a club
    Do your own Ross Pettifer promotions
    Fight in a cage again if you can get a fight
    but don't be jealous and curse us 2, do it yourself.... stand on your own two feet and prove to the mma scene you know so much and show me how its done.

    You can slate us all you want, but the question is can you do it yourself then.
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    I have been following this thread for the last few weeks. I am also employed in a field of work that crosses with fraud, solicitors and the law. And yes of course, I like my MMA. I am of the following view

    1. As the organisation of the first event of Red Mist was not detailed and or thoroughly thought through, there will lead to massive loopholes in terms of anyone being found liableand therefore if legal or Police action is taken, it will lead the claimer nowhere.
    2. Mick Noakes obviously knows this and that is why he keeps repeating his same point. 850 is not small change, but how much will the legal fees cost in total? A solicitor charges around 50 for a short letter to be sent alone, nevermind trying to find some compensation for Mick. Mick knows he will lose out on the money whichever way the matter concludes. Red Mist holds the aces in this particular point and they will be more focused on their second event than paying outstanding fees to anyone.
    3. Several people on the forum have pointed to writing a cheque "knowing" it had insufficient funds etc. This is true yes but you must "Prove" who actually made the admission. A post on a public forum, an email or text message will not suffice - you have to prove who sent it.
    4. To prove, say Red Mist's telephone number (showing guilty knowledge), this has to be done through the Police. Also bear in mind 850 is not alot of money so there will be no urgency or importance to get the matter looked at by Police or solicitor. Also the people making claims should be of a good character ie have no criminal convictions....
    5. From a fans/fighters point of view, I beleive Red Mist has had alot of bad publicity and them scaling down their second event is surely a direct result of the feedback it has had from some sections. However, it should be noted, with the exceptions of the fighters who were connected to Mick Noakes (who was it seems, screwed) not many of the other fighters complained.
    6. I beleive if Red Mist is to continue it can only really hold ametuer type events, like the first one, with the majority of the vistors being the friends and family of the fighters none of which would read CW anyway so all this is probably irrelevant.

    There is not really that much point in people (from both sides complaining) because my feeling is, by end of the year, Red Mist will no longer exist and Mick will not have received his 850 and will be owing a significant sum of money to pay for his legal fees. The best way is for both parties to talk and not to slate each other on public forums. Bandai.

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    A first post of total common sense, you havent got the jist of how this forum works yet , your meant to stir things up far more than that then sit back and post pie charts of or popcorn gifs.

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    Ah Jamie, now I can prove you are lying and I never gave you any money. You describe me as being Scottish lol and probably called John etc etc, oh dear oh dear.
    I am senior instructor but I'm not John as many know who post here know. John is in fact Connor's father, are you accusing him of ripping his son off as well as his soldiers? I told you I never spoke to you and the fact you don't know who I am proves that, it's hardly an accurate desciption, not sure whether I should be flattered or not lol!
    Bandai, I too work in a field associated with the law, I'm even in uniform, proving it isn't quite as hard as you may think. More fighters complained than have posted on CW. Before posting it's has all been looked at very carefully, there is solid proof that a contract for Mick's services and the hire of the cage was made, there's proof of the cheque not being paid and it will be going to court, there's no doubts, the only way to stop it is to pay up. The costs aren't as much as you imply btw and Mick will get his money.

    Oh and if anyone calls me John I will smack their legs lol

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    If Bandai is who I think he is, then he's guaranteed to be the most legal-savvy person on CW. And even if he's someone else, with a name like that, he definitely trains at Wicker!

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