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Thread: Chronological PRIDE FC Thread

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    Default Chronological PRIDE FC Thread

    Thought I would copy AdamM's idea... I took notes as I was watching it, but think I wrote too much. Just tell me if it's not interesting to read so much!

    Pride FC 1

    Bas & Quadros commentating, but it sounds like they're in a studio after the event, dubbed over the video rather than broadcasting live. I think this is the case with the first couple of events. The event takes place at the Tokyo Dome in Japan, infront of 47,000 people, which is pretty damn impressive.. something that barely any events have come close to even now.

    1. John Dixson vs. Kazunari Murakami

    John Dixson is noticably bigger than Murakami (275lb vs. 209lb) and is wearing a black vest which his ample stomach is pretty visible through. Murakami rushes in & clinches. Dixson gets a takedown from a low kick, and ends up in a half guard position, landing some punches to the body. Murakami tries to sweep but can't get up. After a bit of a scramble, Dixson stands back up and lets Murakami to his feet. Murakami lands a great judo hip throw and sets up an arm-bar from the side position very quickly. Dixson taps, then punches the ground in frustration. Murakami receives the first of Pride's famous big trophies.

    2. Gary Goodridge vs. Oleg Taktarov

    Two UFC veterans going at it. Goodridge looks very well built at 240lb. Quadros says he is the world arm-wrestling champion and once defeated 1,000 guys in an hour.. I'm guessing just random guys/bar guys as that would be a crazy feat if they were all competative arm-wrestlers.

    There's a lot of feeling out in the beginning, Goodridge circles and sort of bobs around looking for an opening. Taktarov sends Goodridge to the mat with a counter left off of an outside low kick. Seems a bit more of a stumble as Goodridge is back up quickly, and there's a bit of wild swinging from both guys in the corner. Both guys trade a few more hooks nearer the center of the ring. Oleg is bleeding from the cheek from the exchange.

    Goodridge feinting while Oleg Taktarov stands still, flat footed giving him a 'Russian stare' (Taktarov, Fedor, Vovchanchyn type look). A lot of respect in the feeling out process after the flurry at the beginning. Some strikes from Goodridge miss, but he lands a nice right to the body and then to the head which drops Oleg. Hits him again as he's trying to stand, and lands some more strikes, a knee to the head and some hammer fists... Gary stands back and soccer kicks him to the face through his legs. It hits with a pretty big slap.

    Oleg butt-scoots to his feet and goes for a takedown, but it's stuffed. Goodridge lands a few jabs. Oleg tries to clinch up but Goodridge lands a thunderound right that sends him crashing face first to the mat. He lands another couple of thuding strikes as he lies facedown, motionless on the ground. Oleg's corner had thrown in the towel, but were too late. Huge power in Goodridge's punches back then.. shame he became a "cover up and let the guy get tired hitting me" type fighter later in his career.

    Goodridge lies on the ground and gets his foot iced. He says he felt it break when kicking Oleg in the face.. knew it had to have landed with power!

    3. Renzo Gracie vs. Akira Shoji

    5-0-1 Gracie vs 0-1-0 fighter seems a bit of an unusual match up. They both start looking very tense, and pumped up for a fight. Renzo begins controlling the pace, stalking down Shoji. He gets a body lock and tries a takedown but Shoji grabs the ropes repeatedly and is warned for it. Renzo lands a knee to the body, trips Shoji and goes for the back, and ends up in mount during a slight scramble in the corner. He has his elbow across Shoji's face and lands a few punches. Shoji tries bucking but Gracie is there to stay. Shoji just tries to control Renzo's posture by grabbing the head instead.

    They are re-started in the centre as they were getting tangled up in the ropes. Shoji is bucking again but to no avail... he gives up his back instead, and Renzo looks for a choke. Shoji stands while Renzo constricts around his body like a python. Shoji 'falls' through the ropes and avoids the choke.

    They re-start in the centre, standing, without any points taken off. Renzo throws a high kick, clinches and throws a coulple of knees. Shoji initiates a body lock of his own and drives Renzo into the corner for a fairly prolonged period fo time.. he lands a headbutt while he's there. Renzo looks for a guillotine but it's not really there. Renzo pulls guard and goes for it again, but again, it's not there. Shoji lands some punches to the body until the round ends.

    Shoji is blinking a lot in round 2, while Renzo looks well composed. He goes for a takedown but is stuffed, and Shoji almost takes his back. He ends up in guard and lands more of the body shots we saw at the end of the first. He begins digging his jaw into Renzo's cheek and neck, and lands a couple of headbutts. Ouch.
    Bas says he learned a technique from a big screen TV in Japan the day before a fight in Pancrase. Said he saw a heel-hook being used, and decided to go for it during his fight and won by breaking the guy's shinbone

    Renzo traps Shoji's left arm in a rubber guard. He's going for the omoplata, but Shoji gets up and kicks his legs a bit. Renzo is breathing heavy on his back, but Shoji won't let him up, nor will he follow him to the ground.

    Renzo gets up and they trade low kicks. Renzo's takedown is stuffed.. he's determined to get the single, but they are restarted in the centre again. Renzo gets the single after the restart and gets into mount... Shoji scrambles again, Renzo ends up on his back getting his hooks in, then transitions to an arm-bar as he's being shaken off. Shoji escapes and the crowd make some noise. Great moment.

    Renzo is on his back again while Shoji kicks. Renzo motions to Shoji that he should come to the ground, but he's having none of it. End of round 2.. some good action at the end.

    Shoji is bouncing around looking fresher than he did in round 1. He lands a nice low kick, Renzo returns with a body shot. Another low kick reveals some bruising on Renzo's thigh. Another takedown is stuffed by Shoji, which leads to a bit of feeling out. Renzo looks a little lost for what to do next. He eventually goes for another takedown and is stuffed again. Renzo is turtled and Shoji knees him to the head, but is warned that this is an illegal strike from this position. Renzo gets guard, but is being kneed to the tailbone and takes another headbutt. Another omoplata attempt but Shoji has his hands deep behind Renzo's back, he's not able to get it. Renzo lands a nice sweep into mount, but Shoji escapes in another scramble and gets up. Both guys breathing heavily through their mouths.

    They trade kicks again, Shoji's seemed a lot harder. He seems really energised and piles it on. Renzo's takedown i sstuffed again and Shoji lands more body shots. He gts up, and seems to motion Renzo up for a fight, he looks pumped. The round ends.

    The fight is declared a draw, which is probably fair, as every impressive offense was equally countered and never led to any significant advantage. Shoji wins some fans in the crowd.

    4. Nathan Jones vs. Kōji Kitao

    345lb tank Nathan Jones vs. 390lb Kitao, wearing gi-pants, trainers and some of the biggest tits in MMA. Looks a bit like Zangief vs. E-Honda or something lol.

    Both guys have very low hands, and Kitao already looks tired before they begin lol. Jones bounces about thinking he's a middleweight, and goes for a spinning crescent kick, which actually looked pretty fast. Missed though.

    Jones goes for a left high kick... Kitao goes for a takedown but ploughs right into a guillotine. Jones seems to have it in position but isn't able to finish it. He lands a knee to the body, but is taken down after a second, lazy knee. Kitao is in side control and Jones seems to be panicking.. he's making weird noises, like he's yelping and forcing breath out too quickly (tbh I sometimes still do this.. if someone's driving into my chest/stomach and I find it hard to breath lol). Kitao gets an Americana and Jones taps before it is in particularly tight. Don't think he knew what to do with a big fat man wrenching on his arm.

    5. Branko Cikatić vs Ralph White

    The first ever K-1 World GP winner in action here. The fight is stand-up only, with bulky open fingered gloves. They touch gloves at the start, but Branko throws a back kick while doing it. Bit of a cock move.. Bas and Quadros mention he's done something like that before, against Ernesto Hoost I think they said.

    White lands some kicks to the body, and they exhange some powerful sounding leg kicks. White captures a low kick and counters. There's a punching exchange and Branko sends White backwards with a right hand. He stumbles into the ropes, and Branko follows and kicks him in the face when he's down (kickboxing rules). White seems to develop a horn on his head... instant, huge swelling on his head, looks painful though he still seems with it.

    There's a long delay while White's corner seem to have to fight to convince the refs that it was an illegal strike, and not falling to the ring that causes the damage. Branko is like "wtf? who cares, let's fight" in his corner. The fight eventually gets called in favour of White by DQ. Branko looks pissed off, but eventually comes and shakes White's hand. Bit of a dirty performance none-the-less.
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    6. Kimo Leopoldo vs. Dan Severn

    Another battle of UFC veterans... what will be victorious, the Tash or the gelled back-sweep? This one, for some reason, is just 1 round of 30 minutes. The rules seem to be a bit all over the place.

    Kimo rushes in and a few punches are traded. Kimo has his chin so high that it might as well have a target painted on it. Severn lands a hook to the head, but they both miss a few slapping, girl punches and Severn goes for a takedown. He drives Kimo against the corner but Kimo breaks and some crazy hooks miss by miles. Kimo seems to be staring at Severn's feet at this point for some reason.

    They throw some more girl punches (I shouldn't be calling UFC veterans much tougher than I am on their striking, but deary me, watch the fight and try to disagree). Kimo's hands are very low, and Severn throws some jabs but at sub-sparring strength. Kimo is landing some low kicks here and there but not much else. Severn goes for a single off a low kick but is again stuffed. Kimo throws another low kick which, from the sound of it, smacks Severn's cup, but he doesn't seem bothered. Another couple of low kicks bruises Severn's leg, which he counters with a few more slapping type punches. Anothe takedown stuffed... would like to say it was impressive defence but the shots were just telegraphed and sloppy in all honesty. Yet another stuffed takedown into a bit of a staring contest... the crowd begin to boo... in Japan!

    Kimo lands a not bad body kick but doesn't follow it up... lands another low kick after a spell but Severn is not concerned by these. He throws some strikes and ties Kimo up in the corner and lands a nice knee to the body. Kimo has a cut on his head when he breaks, must've been from exchange before the tie-up. A few more weak punches exchanged and Kimo goes for a leg-kick again, which Severn checks! Severn lands a right hand which sends Kimo backwards, but he's arlgith.

    Another stuffed takedown from Severn, and is punched a bit on the way to his feet. Kimo lands a punch and a low kick but again doesn't follow up. Severn ends up on top after another low kick but they tangle in the ropes and are restarted in a standing position.
    Quadros and Bas are in disbelief at the strategy and lack of technique. Begin making fun of the fight ('Kimo's K-1 low kicks' and 'Severn's mighty hooks'.)
    Severn shoots again but Kimo sprawls and they end up standing, exchanging a few on the break. There's more circling, and Severn is adjusting his knee pads every now and then (while Kimbo stands near by and lets him). Severn presses (in relation to the rest of the fight) but the technique is still pretty poor. He body locks and goes for a takedown but Kimo grabs the ropes. Severn is angry for the first time in the fight!

    He trips Kimo to the mat and lands some GnP and knees to the head, but it's too little too late and the fight ends. Severn screams like he's just killed a gorilla with his bare hands, but it was a pretty shameful performance from 2 UFC veterans. The fight is declared a draw but I wouldn't have been disappointed to see both guys get a loss on their record for this snoozefest.

    7. Rickson Gracie vs. Nobuhiko Takada

    The main event... we are told that Takada is the Japanese Hulk Hogan, and Rickson is 400-0-0 in closed door competition, and savagely beat up some guy who came with cameras to his gym and demanded a fight with him. The guy he savaged is in Takada's corner.

    The national anthems are played which is quite cool.. Rickson has his hand on his heart and is mouthing the words. A lady with crazy bedraggled black hair comes in and sings the Japanese anthem. Takada gets a lot of applause after.

    Rickson has an emotionless stare, very flat stance, very little body movement... staring deep into Takada's eyes (for the entire fight actually). Quite intimidating really. There's a lot of circling, and Rickson goes for a jab, and a low kick. He lands a sort of stomping low-kick, body locks and lands a knee. They are seperated as Takada is caught in the ropes.. Rickson looks pretty pissed off about it.. but he's looked really pissed off, in an intensely focused way since the fight began.

    Rickson lands another stomp kick to the knee, and slams Takada to the mat with a nice double. He ends up in mount and lands some digging shots to the ribs. Rickson is cross-facing Takada continuously and grabbing high at the triceps looking for an armbar. Takada is bucking, but Rickson barely moves.. Rickson lands some more body shots and then gets the arm-bar he was looking for. Loads of Gracies flood into the ring and start celebrating, while Takada leaves quickly, looking upset before the winner is announced or anything.

    Best Fight of the Night: Renzo Gracie v Akira Shoji (pretty back & forth, unexpectedly good performance from Shoji)
    Worst Fight of the Night: Kimo Leopoldo vs. Dan Severn (minimal action the whole time, really terrible striking from both)
    Fighter of the Night: Rickson Gracie (seemed the most composed, with the best gameplan, and best execution of that gameplan)
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    Good read mate ive got the DVDs so I'm thinking of watching them after your view which is
    Very good thanks zanmato.

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    Quality stuff! I still have nightmares about the Kimo/Severn fight.

    Can someone give Adam a kick up the arse! The UFC ones were good as well.

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    the first 8 Pride events, the commentary was done by Stephen and Bas in studio well after the event. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    Mines UFC and Pride thread.
    After UFC14 I'm going to kick in with the Prides.
    can we not combine threads?

    I'm off work next week, so I'll make a real effort to get to that point and me and you can both post our thoughts at roughly the same pace.

    Wuold be a shame to split them up, as fighters are moving back and forth between organisations and it adds context.
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    Sorry I didn't realise, there's a lot of reading in it and I've more or less skim-read the thread other than the fight write ups. I think it would be easier to read in seperate threads but I don't mind using yours if this isn't the best way to go about it
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    yeah, I really think it'd be best to combine them.
    I'm watching the Prides for the first time so your reports will be spoilers.
    Why not do your watching and make your notes, I'll get caught up and we'll synchronise putting our reports up.
    I'll PM you and we'll post at the same time.

    I think it'll be really interesting to get more than one opinion of each fight card.

    Keeps us honest too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Temeura View Post
    Quality stuff! I still have nightmares about the Kimo/Severn fight.

    Can someone give Adam a kick up the arse! The UFC ones were good as well.
    Some of us work for a living
    also have to battle the family for the TV.

    I'm having a decorating holiday next week, but I'll try and do a report a day if I can.

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    I work for a living as well, but underwent some changes at work which mean I have been getting out too late to go to training for ages. I'm single with no kids, and so have nothing better to do with my time! lol :'(

    I shall probably just make my notes and write the reports up and then paste them up whenever it is required, convenient or requested. Maybe start a blog (eeeeew) and post them on there and then copy & paste them in when we're at the same point.. or maybe some website is needing content and wants to add some review pages and collate all the reviews or something lol. I hadn't thought about it too deeply!
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