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Thread: How much do you pay for gas and electric a month?

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    Default How much do you pay for gas and electric a month?

    just about to go check my reading im sure im paying way too much for gas

    maybe my boiler is shite

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    about 120 per month for both

    3 bedroom house, 2 adults 1 child

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    i pay about 30-40 electric a week , i have a 4 bed house and my gym at the back which has electric heaters, Gas, not sure

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    I pay around 10 per week elec and same gas, Im never home im always working so dont use much atall!

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    My sister says she pays about 160 a month for both, which I think is fucking crazy. For both, on pre-payment meters (which are more expensive than DD payments) I'm on about 40-60 a month for both, for a house with 2 adults (who are always in seperate rooms).
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