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    Hey there, names Ste, New to the site just thort i say hello, only just started Muay Thai, no previous experience although ive always been interested, im enjoying it for sure although its hard gettin knocked about each week by the other guys!! Lost my front teeth when i was younger playing rugby so always been nervous to start mma incase my implants get knocked out but decided what the hell, gotta good gum sheild so hopefully shoud be ok!! Anyway thats bout it really, look forward to learning some things from you more experienced guys and gals!!

    Also as a side note after some pads etc to train at home with if anyone has any for sale etc, seen some on ebay but not sure if there any good tbh!!


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    Good luck with the training Ste. Just remember, its all good fun!

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    Cheers mate!! Yer tis good fun, slow progress but i can feel iprovements as i go along!! I dont think ill ever be good enough to fight at a club level but im enjoying it all the same!!

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    welcome to the forum mate, don't take anything on here seriously, we get hit in the head a lot.

    can't go wrong with sandee pads bro Fightshop - kick pads
    How you expect to run with the wolves come night when you spend all day sparring with the puppies

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    Cheers ross!!

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