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Thread: STAG DO!!!! Good places To Go, things to do, and rough costs??? come on people, help

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    Cornwall. Day 1: Big fire, few beers, crying and hugging on the beach. Day 2: Huge night out.
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    go to the dam brah, get absolutely off your trolley on booze, weed and mushrooms and nail loads of prostitutes. Then after the stags have a messy one in holland; do a fake stag do or a "faun do" for the pussies, in a wine bar...nice and quiet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackdogmma View Post
    ....... a real one for his mates and the faux one for the spies from her side of the family.
    We always do this:

    Real stag do = mates you can trust only

    Fake stag do = relatively local to passify the people with big mouths

    We also went through a phase of faking a stag do or 2 each year, we'd simply say "Jack" or "Steve" were getting married from work and we had no choice but to go on the stag do. This enabled us to slip in a few extra boys weekends awayon the lash without questioning. We did get asked a few times why we were invited to the stag do but not the wedding, but had a standard response of them getting married abroad or his wife's from Scotland/London/anywhere so they're getting married there.
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