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    Guys, do you take much notice of your dreams? Do you tend to remember them? Talking about and comparing your dreams can be quite interesting. I'm gonna start logging the things I remember from my dreams on here. Nothing too personal just things that stick out.

    Last night 11-4-11

    Travelling down a busy road on a coach full of people then all of a sudden we broke through some traffic cones and started racing down a hill towards the ocean but the breaks failed.

    Again travelling down a hill but this time on a mountain bike, a really basic one with no suspension or anything. I had no protective gear to keep me safe and I was approaching a massive hill/jump and the bike started to rust. I hit the jump and when I landed the bike broke to pieces. I woke up as I crashed.

    Interesting to note that both parts of the dream where based on me approaching danger and having no way of stopping or protecting myself.

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    I have ones quite often where i'm always running late, or i'm worried i'm going to be late. People i know are making there way to wherever we're going, and i'm running around like a dick head cos i'm late. wtf?
    I also have one where i'm being chased by the predator, so i run into a public toilet block on a fucking caravan site, and hide in the end cubicle. i sit there bricking it while i can hear it kicking the doors of each cubicle, until it gets to mine, kicks it then i wake up. freaky as fuck.
    Bullshit I can't hear you. Sound off like you got a pair!

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