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    hello guys,

    im looking into starting up a small business , nothing major , I dont want to go into too much detail yet.

    I want to control the name of the business. But I have literally no experience in this type of thing.

    Is it copyright or trademark?

    Is it expensive to do?

    Is it really necassary?

    And yes I agree, if I have to ask these questions I probably shouldnt bother


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    Trademark I reckon mate, copyright for individual pieces, like my photography - I own the copyright, a trademark is generally something that distinguishes the goods/services/brand. Like the Coca-cola logo.

    You're really best off speaking to some lawyer who deals with this kind of thing tho.

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    Copyright is automatic and applies to anything you have created. If you write something, take a photo, compose a tune, etc then it is automatically copyrighted in law to the original creator.

    A trademark is something you need to apply for in a formal manner and relates to the description or name of a business. You can trademark a word or a symbol/logo. You have to apply for a trademark in certain areas too. You can’t copyright works in normal use i.e. “shop”, “door”, “boxing glove” etc

    For example

    The word FIGHTSHOP is trademarked in martial arts, sports equipment, sports goods retail and a bunch of other stuff. Anyone using the word FIGHTSHOP in any of the areas in which it is trademarked is breaking the law.

    When Adam C takes photos of fight events the photos are his copyright even if they are used in commercial situations such as Fighters Only for which he is paid, the copyright still remains with him.

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    As above, We have the words RAZORSTORM / RAZOR STORM in many many groups protected, basically we own it and some one uses it gets their arse widened by big black leeroy in prison
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    In order to copyright music or artistic concepts all that is required is proof of when you authored it. In these cases. Post a copy of the work/idea etc to yourself and do not open it.

    There is precedent in case law (apparently) whereby a sealed, postmarked package counts as proof of copyright. Just make sure it is properly sealed and remains unopened after you receive it.

    Trademarking an image or name I believe may be slightly harder.

    Hope this helps.
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    Being a high brow intellectual type I like to listen to Radio 4 in the car on the way home from training. Recently, the show Unreliable Evidence was about Intellectual Property Law. It's still available to listen to so you can get all the info from dead brainy lawyer folk without having to sell a kidney.

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