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Thread: Carlson Gracie Junior Belt promotions in London

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    The door is always open.To begin the journey all you have to do is push it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bendy View Post
    There's a staircase as you look through the door that leads downstairs. It happened to me when I went there a month ago. Downstairs is where it all happens.
    Congratulations to CGJJ team.
    Oh right, the place looked empty to me. Then again I do look kind of shifty so I didn't really want to spend too long peering through the window of a shopfront with no lights on. Knowing my luck someone would call the police and I'd get arrested for suspicious behaviour.

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    Sounds like you'd fit right in

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    Lol next time I'll push the front door.

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    Massive congrats everyone, especially Andre. Trust me to be away on holiday for something like this.


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