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Thread: Primetime - book early to avoid disappointment - we're very busy!

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    Default Primetime - book early to avoid disappointment - we're very busy!

    Hi Guys

    Due to the phenomenal interest in tomorrow's fight we're very busy. If you plan on watching I suggest you book early to avoid any delay's or disappointment.

    As we get around the time the channel encrypts and especially around the time of the main event, despite the large number of people working, there will be delay's in getting through on the phones so if you know you're going to watch book now!

    Once you get through and speak to someone your signal will be instant but there will be delays getting through tomorrow night.

    You can book by calling 08712004444 or online at If you need any help call customer services directly on 08448429844

    Thank you to everyone for your phenomenal support


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    Read Steve Collins thoughts on tomorrow's fight

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    Benny Ricardo - lead commentator - on tomorrow's fight

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    Crikey, no way is this a PPV fight.

    Even with the undercard falling apart, Khan vs Prescott would have sold a lot more Pay Per Views even though Prescott has done fuck all since he knocked Khan out. But his handlers opted for McCloskey over Prescott because they just want what they feel would be the easier fight for the most return.

    I like what primetime are doing in MMA and I have purchased all of their MMA shows to date, but anyone purchasing this fight is simply encouraging greedy fighters like Khan to fleece the public by not fighting the best but getting paid as if they were.

    Just like all those deluded people who bought Haye vs Harrison. Buying such mediocre fights are just helping to kill boxing. When the fight fans allow boxers to enrich themselves by fighting sub standard opposition then they are fools to themselves.

    I'm not saying that McClosky vs Khan will be as one sided as Harrison vs Haye. I fully expect McClosky to at least throw a few punches, but this is not a PPV fight and it's certainly not a PPV card. If you purchase this then you're helping to kill off boxing.

    Sorry primetime, I like what you're doing on the whole, but this just encourages greed.

    I would love it if McClosky won BTW. I'm not a Khan hater at all, he's an excellent boxer. But his greed appears to know no bounds.

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    Some breakfast reading;

    Oscar De La Hoya on the move to Primetime

    Amir Khan at the weigh ins

    Paul McCloskey at the weigh ins

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    I think McClocky is a lot better than people think and will give a good fight. i dont like the way Khan is being described as the most exciting boxer in the UK. He is a fast boxer with a suspect chin so it does make him exciting but he lacks personality and the kind of style that makes you want to watch, love or hate him, like Benn, Eubank or Naz. My bro got tickets for less than the price of the PPV so he is going, i'm off out but will read the result online. I also like what Primetime are doing but i think Khan is a bad pick for a PPV

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