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Thread: Billy Robinson - British legend and MMA God!!!!!!!!

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    Default Billy Robinson - British legend and MMA God!!!!!!!!

    Just watch and learn........

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    got all the war dvds..billy is amazing, any one who fancys doing some catch come to stockport mma

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    one of the lads in the gym did them for us...

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    Did I just enjoy a MrwinstonChurchill post? Eeeeeeew!

    Never knew about this guy in all honesty, but thanks for the videos, I shall try to track more footage down. Some voice on him though lol
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    "My boy Sakuraba beat the Gracies with the double wristlock."

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    And I keep hearing that us Brits don't know how to grapple.......

    It's in our blood. We just have to remember!

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