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Thread: Steve Bunce Interviews Queensbury Boxing League

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    Default Steve Bunce Interviews Queensbury Boxing League

    Check out the link below and listen to the Queensbury Boxing League's interview on the Steve Bunce boxing hour on BBC 94.9fm that went out on air last Thursday evening. Queensbury promoters Ross Minter and Alan Foley were invited onto the show to talk about the league, their exciting plans for 2011 and why the league was created to bridge the gap between the ABA and the BBBC.

    The Queensbury Boxing League

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    Awesome interview, I learned alot about boxing in the UK in general as well as the QFL. Recomended
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    cheers son i new it all allready though lads wbc world champ 19-0

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    hello there ,
    Nice to share the link , this is a great interview and very informative , i really love to have info about boxing in Europe and such forum makes it possible. simply so thankful to u for such learning and interesting post.
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    Default Thanks For The Feedback

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys, the League has had an amazing response after the show went on air and a massive interest from boxers looking at joining the league. We really are looking to create something special with the league and as mentioned try to work along side the ABA and the BBBC to create a bridge between the two.

    As outlined in the interview the league is all about offering boxers not affiliated with the above two governing bodies the chance to box in evenly matched fair contests where the boxers interests come first, the fighters are looked after and the emphasis is on proper boxing. The show is really growing rapidly and there are some big developments in the pipeline that will really make people stand up and take notice. For more information about the league visit the official website below and we will keep you all posted on whats happening as it unfolds.

    The Queensbury Boxing League

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