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Thread: 70 burpees with a weighted vest

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    Default 70 burpees with a weighted vest

    Really old school exercise..any one eles like them??

    Anyone eles like this exercise...going to start experimenting with ways to make it harder etc... 6 weeks into doing them and i have from 89 to 79 kilo and still feel strong and light..started to ad weighted vest

    this video is good bench mark to start 300 in 22.00 minutes as a start

    Good training to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akiraB View Post
    Anyone eles like this exercise.

    Fuck no, I loathe burpees. I loathe push ups, sit ups and all plyometric exercises. Can't fucking stand anything like that. I honestly feel that these things do absolutely nothing for me other than put unnecessary stress and strain on already injury ravaged body. I just want to drill techniques and spar. If I get injured whilst sparring then that's fair enough. If I get injured because I'm being made to jump up and down like a cunt for no good reason then I get a little emotional.

    Weighted vest burpees are pretty hardcore if you're into that sort of thing though. I also have great admiration for guys (heavy guys especially) who can do lots of chin ups and pull ups. Even without a weighted vest they're an excellent test of strength and endurance.

    Personally though, none of that is really my bag.

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