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Thread: How to Fight a Taller Opponent Article

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    Default How to Fight a Taller Opponent Article


    Wrote this a while ago, looking to 'refresh' the content, any feedback gratefully received, cheers

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    Here is an idea. Can somebody who is successful at fighting SMALLER opponents write a fucking article?
    Klitschko, Lewis, Overeem, Diaz. Somebody. Every damned YouTube or Google article is always "How to beat a taller opponent". Well guess what you scrawny little twats - I'm set out to fight every ego driven raged up little man and beat them to a pulp to prove a point.

    Sorry mate. Didn't read your article yet. Sure it's great like
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    oh oh will, i know the answer to this one. extend your arm out and put it on their forehead, so they physically can't reach you, then laugh at them as they swing at you. after a while, push them on the floor and sit on them until they cry or agree to say a list of embarrassing statements of your choosing.

    hope that helps.
    'Go read a fucking book, you piece of shit.'

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