The Hereford Open 8: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships

Juniors under 16

Adult & Senior White Belts

Sunday 3rd July 2011

Full details and link to online entry here

Our Guarantee

All competitors will get a minimum of two fights

75% of competitors will get a minimum of three fights

The junior categories will be completed and the medals presented by 1.00pm

The senior categories will be completed and the medals presented by 5.30pm

We will provide bleacher seating for 200+ spectators

A warm-up area will be provided for the competitors

The competitors list will be posted online at least 5 days before the event

Hard copies of the brackets will be displayed on the day of the event.

Results will be posted online within 24 hours of the event.

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Fighter and Coach Comments from the previous Hereford Opens

Chris Rees (Gracie Barra Swansea) 'The competition was superbly run as always and really set the benchmark once again. Organisation, communication and overall professionalism were excellent as I've come to expect from the Hereford comps.'

Lee B (Alliance UK) 'This was our first event and we all had a great time, was good to meet some of the other uk bjj guys and me and the team will certainly be back.
Thanks Dave for a great day and congratulations to all the competitors.'

Mark P (Gracie Barra Mansfield) 'it was the first BJJ comp for our guys and they all really enjoyed it. A nice friendly atmosphere from everybody there, and was also nice to see the coaches from the opponents coming over and congratulating each others fighters no matter what the outcome of the fight and passing on compliments.'

Rob T (Gracie Barra Swansea) 'This was a great event, run to the same high standards as all previous Combat Academy events... I am still to experience one running late (and I've been to a lot).'

Nick Brookes (RGA Mill Hill) 'Once again Dave Coles And the Hereford team have shown how its done, One of the best events I have been to. Efficient in every way.'

Gareth (Straight Blast Gym) 'Awesome day! another well organized comp! well worth the trip up from Plymouth.

Ade (Gracie Barra Swansea) 'great day I really enjoyed myself, coming back in Feb.'

Richard Shore (Tillery Combat) 'Excellent comp. . . . . all my lads had between 3 and 6 fights . . . . . cant wait for the next one'

Mark (Renegades Jiu Jitsu) 'Thankyou for running a great comp, although i didnt win a medal i had a great day. The atmosphere was relaxed and well organized. This was my first comp and i will be returning in febuary!'

Simon (Carlson Gracie Revolution Team) 'It is no surprise that THE HEREFORD OPEN has been so superbly organised by them with results posted as the organisers are still sitting on tables at the event. If this is the future for customers at UKBJJ competitions then the future is bright. The Combat Academy are setting standards of excellence.'

Scuba (Gracie Barra Swansea) 'The guys from the Combat Acadamy put on yet another excellent competition. This was their first full BJJ comp with 3 mats runnning and not only did it all look professional, as per usual it all ran to time.'

Pete O'Shea (Carlson Gracie BJJ Revolution Team) 'It was a fantastic competition so well organised and really friendly. I made lots of new friends on the day and the atmosphere was superb. A great expierience and I look forward to coming back in February. Thanks again for a superb day out.'