As above, to celebrate my return to the building I started "Fighting Chance" MMA in 2000 there will be a reunion for the guys who trianed, visited and coached there!

My current gym Allegiance Martial Arts is now situated in the very same building since it became available recently. Many of the UK's first MMA fighters, coaches trained there at some point or another.

So far, definite attendees are Ian "M16" Butlin, Aaron "Red Mist" Chatfield, Matt "12 Gauge" Thorpe, Mark "Spenna" Spencer, Darren Currie, Carl Fisher, myself and others. The beginings of the famous "Norhtern Cartel" was around this time, or just after!

There will be some training going on and much talking about old times I imagine. sounds like a great opportunity for someone to cover the gathering and get some stories from the OLD SKOOL guys!

The date is May 22nd, times are 12pm - 3pm approx

Address is

Top Floor
Above Brooklands Bar
Alexandra Mills
Bradford Road
WF17 6JA

This is open to anyone who was around at that time and trained with any of the above mentioned fighters/coaches

The cost for this is nothing, FREE, just turn up!