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Thread: New Spartan Gym (Watford) opening soon

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    Default New Spartan Gym (Watford) Now Open

    Finally nearly ready to open our new gym in watford, though we are not officially open yet, still ironing a few things out, but we are open for a few "trial" memberships and we are here if anyone wants to come along and have a look at the gym

    the equipment we have is as follows

    2 full height power cages
    2 normal height power cage
    2 squat racks (for curls, it keeps the power racks free)
    3 lifting platforms
    4 x 7 ft olympic bars
    1 trap bar
    1 e z bar
    1 tricep bar
    700kg of olympic plates
    dumbells from 5kg to 70kg
    kettlebells from 8kg to 40kg
    inverted leg press

    small "blob" style weights
    thick grip handles
    thick grip dumbells various
    range of grippers
    FB rolling thunder
    dinnie trainers

    farmers walk handles
    2 logs
    1 thick axle
    1 2" thick bar and additional axle
    various tyres for flipping
    tyres for sledge hammers (2 sledge hammers)
    4 kegs
    2 power bags marked at 20kg and 35kg but had about 5kg added to each
    atlas stone (arriving soon)

    medicine balls
    battling ropes
    balance boards
    balance aids

    climbing frame
    gymnastic rings
    short ropes
    climbing rope

    6' punch bag
    4' punch bag
    2 odd shaped bags
    heavy upper cut bag
    maize bag
    large ball speed bag
    small matted area (needs to be thickened and covered for BJJ)

    we also have various thai pads and focus pads (no gloves)

    the shop, which is not yet stocked will contain a range of supplements by known manufacturers, we are stocking cherry active and another electrolyte addition for any drink as well as a range of bioX supps from canada, we will also stock some clothes and t shirts and gloves and wraps

    we are planning on adding to this with additional 320kg of bumper plates, a glute ham machine and a few other selected items

    if you go to you can see some of the youtube clips of training at our old gym in portugal

    if you do come along, i hope you enjoy it (in that strange mildly masochistic way)

    address etc are at
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    “New Spartan Gym” Watford’s newest “No Frills” strength and performance centre is now open.

    We are a specialist strength and performance centre, catering for athletes and the general public alike. Train in an environment that has an “old school” gym feel and yet with state of the art training intermingled with proven old school training methods and equipment to get the results you need and have dreamed of being the best you can be.

    From tyre flipping and sledge hammer and sandbag training, to kettlebells. With Olympic and power-lifting techniques to increase your explosive speed and power for all sports. Whether it’s MMA (mixed martial arts) or the need to build strength and power for rugby, or speed, strength and agility for football. Build up your strength in the legs for an upcoming ski trip or just for losing some weight and toning up for the summer. It can all be done at “New Spartan Gym”.

    Paul, the owner and trainer, has over 30 years of experience training for various sports and has recently returned from a “Stone lifting” trip in Scotland. He lifted the famous “dinnie stones” unassisted as well as various other ” manhood stones” (Clach cuid fir) which included the “Fianna Stone” one of the most ancient Celtic stones.

    Whilst he was there he assisted in helping preserve a piece of Scottish heritage by helping to retrieve an ancient stone which had been removed from its original resting place, which had been vandalised in the process.

    As the gym has such a specialist training methodology we offer a free first “TRIAL” session to see if you like it and to make sure you have the motivation and commitment to train at this type of gym.

    New Spartan Gym is about teaching its members the true meaning of improving athletic performance and that it can be carried over into their everyday lives to help give them a better quality of life.

    It’s about creating a place where people can learn to excel beyond any and all of their expectations. To be the absolute best they can be. And if they are not prepared to do whatever it takes to be the best then they are not prepared to train at New Spartan Gym.

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    your place looks awesome mate. my nan's in watford, so might need to pay her and you a visit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NEANDERTHAL View Post
    your place looks awesome mate. my nan's in watford, so might need to pay her and you a visit.
    thanks....pop down youre more than welcome

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    At New Spartan Gym we transform mere mortals into modern day warriors.

    We combine old school, hardcore methods with innovative new breakthroughs in a never ending quest to achieve the highest level of athletic performance.

    Our training is unlike anything you've ever seen and is guaranteed to develop brutal strength, explosive power and the physique of an ancient gladiator.

    The training is intense, loud and proggressive, and there's a sense of competition and camaraderie that's unlike anything you'll experience at any other gym.

    There are no TV's, juice bars or machines. These are all things representative of the contemporary ideal of fitness and of an attitude we consider toxic and counterproductive.

    If you are driven,dedicated and ready to step up to the next level, then NEW SPARTAN GYM welcomes you

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    New Equipment added, 110kg atlas stone, swiss bar, grappler, safety squat bar. coming soon new farmers walk handles, strongman yolk, more atlast stones

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