MMA Portraits

Who all would be interested in getting awesome turbo-cool MMA portraits taken? I am trying to build up a portfolio just now for my photography site so you would be helping me out and it would probably help all you guys out if you all had decent high resolution photos to use on promo fight posters, websites, profiles etc - would probably help giving the whole sport a more professional look that way too (plus we can make the dinky ninjas look awesome)? I wouldn't be charging for this but if you want to give me a gammy you are more than welcome.

If you are interested can you reply here with your normal name as I am not sure of everyone's forum name and I can try and work out what sort of numbers we have. Then I will work out a night that suits most people and will probably just bring my studio gear up to the grip (is that cool Guy / Paul?).

This is open to anyone that trains - you don't have to be a fighter. Even if you just do BJJ we can do portraits with gi on etc.

I would be something along these sort of styles I am thinking to give you an idea - something grungy and low key.

Please pass the word around to the rest of the guys in the grip that arent on this.



oh and a gammy if you don't know...

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