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Thread: Favourite football boots?

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    Default Favourite football boots?

    Whats the best pair of football boots you have seen/owned over the years?

    Post pics.

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    My first pair of proper new gen boots after my trusty New Balance ones. Were Cica Blades, fucking fantastic they were!

    £2 a week for about 40 weeks outta my neighbours Kays Catalogue, no joke!
    I don't believe in belts. There should be no ranking system for toughness.

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    F**k me man I forgot Cica Blades ever existed!

    I was always a fan of Predators although not the last few.

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    had a few pairs i loved when i was a kid. Think the first pair i ever had was a pair of Gola Mancinis lol.

    Had a pair of predators, Umbro Pele's and addidas questras that i can remember

    recently iv loved these ones, they were some comfy, even tho im shit

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    Never owned a pair of predators.

    A) Always too expensive
    B) I thought they were for cheats
    C) Wearers Were my main, hard and fair tackles
    D) I was a left back so need for them
    E) I was/Am shit
    I don't believe in belts. There should be no ranking system for toughness.

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    Always had Patrick or Puma boots as they fitted snug and were always at the right price ha ha..

    When I used to manage my local club, we had the young players coming in with those new multi-coloured ones.

    I used to tell them "You'd better be good to wear those Girlie coloured Boots ! Don't embarrasse the team !"
    "He’ll never sell any ice cream going at that speed"

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    Always had a pair of copa mundials or world cups, simple good looking boots.

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    I loved Puma Kings, when i couldn't afford those i found the basic Umbro boots were REALLY good as a cheaper option!

    I always liked to play in moulds as well, studs ripped the bottom of my feet up!

    My favourite boots i ever had though, were a pair of white Marco Simone style Joma boots when NOBODY had coloured boots at the time! I got kicked to fuck that season for being such a showy cocky shite i can assure you lol

    ..... oh , and i couldn't play like Marco in them either lol
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    Puma Kings and Adidas World Cups are top shouts (also Kaizer 5s)

    When Di Canio played for Wednesday he wore some PIMP Pantofola d'Oro boots in white, green, red and blue. Ace.

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    Had my feet measured and a had a pair of Nike boots made to measure a few years ago as my feet are a strange size and shape. They were so comfy it was like playing in barefeet. That was when i was serious about playing although they did cost a few quid. lasted ages as well, then they fell to bits during one game.

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