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    Nice article on BoxRec news about the men who keep the game alive.


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    fascinating stuff, many thanks.

    “I had about 30 amateur fights that were spread over a few years. Then I tried a bit of unlicensed boxing. When I was coming through it was funny, one week you would be fighting a lad that has been knocking people out in pubs and thinks he can handle himself in the ring but hasn’t really got a clue. Then the next week you would be fighting an ex pro!”
    Fighters trying to make in the pro game have it tough these days. During the early days it’s all about selling tickets. Getting yourself prepared for the bout is hard enough let alone the pressure of having to shift a load of tickets and Johnny felt the best way forward was being the opponent.
    interesting, relevant to a few heated debates in the MMA forum recently

    I’m actually proud of being a journeyman, I take great pride in testing some of the best fighters in the country.
    "We take fights at such short notice, I had a phone call once at two in the afternoon and I was in the ring at half six at the excel arena. I fought Gavin Rees on only 18 hours notice. By taking these fights at short notice we are saving the shows from falling apart sometimes."
    Sometimes on the road you knew you were never going to get a decision so you think shall I put it all on the line here or just have a little move about and take it easy? That’s what I did a lot of the time and came out without a mark on me
    “I remember once I was in Birmingham about three miles from where I lived and my car broke down. I was under the car trying to fix it and had already burnt my arm, then the phone goes and Nobby says there’s a fight going. I asked him when and he said ‘now’ in Nottingham against Alex Moon. I rang my brother to borrow his car and got to Nottingham in about an hour and a half, weighed in, saw the doctor then I was in the ring. I never ever turned a fight down in my life.”
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